When the standard warranty is not enough

The Extended Warranty is available worldwide with flexible options that meet your needs. Extend your coverage on systems, boards, modules, power supplies and related accessories for up to three years from the original warranty expiration. You will receive direct priority access to a team of highly skilled and efficient technical specialists for immediate expert diagnosis and issue resolution. Great rates and flexible terms for the Extended Warranty ensure low total cost of ownership, peace of mind and investment protection.

Benefits offered

  • Flexible warranty options to best meet your needs at optimal costs
  • Additional coverage for 1,2 or 3 years in addition to the standard warranty
  • Comprehensive coverage protects your entire Kontron investment
  • Eliminate additional repair and labor charges by extending protection of your purchase


Extended coverage for defects and workmanship on the following:

  • Boards
  • Modules
  • Power supplies
  • Related accessories

Purchasing Window

  • Kontron recommends purchasing the Extended Warranty at the same time as the product
  • If Extended Warranty is purchased later:
    • Purchase price increases
    • Limitations: Product must be within standard warranty period or currently under an Extended Warranty


Extended warranty features

Kontron Offer
Extended Warranty (above standard)
Added 1, 2 or 3 years

Coverage for boards, modules, FRU, LRU, etc.

Coverage for entire systems
Coverage for all types of accessories (note 2,3)

Can Extended Warranty be purchased when product is  purchased?
Yes, recommended

Can Extended Warranty be purchased when product still under product warranty or under Extended Warranty?
Yes (note 1)

Can Extended Warranty be purchased/renewed when product out of product warranty or out of Extended Warranty?
Extended Warranty available worldwide

Note 1: Kontron reserves the right to not offer extended warranty on some products after the initial purchase (due to availability or other reasons).
Note 2: Excluding battery.
Note 3: Accessories and products protected as long as they are used within their specifications.


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