Hjorth Klaus
Technical Service Function
Günther Dumsky
Product Manager Rackmount Systems
Maria Hansson
Connectivity, Data & Analytics
Satish Ram
Connectivity, Mobility
Norbert Hauser
Vice President Marketing
Tania Piunno
Product Marketing Manager
Peter Mueller
Director of Productline Boards & Modules at Kontron
Ulrich Lissner
CEO and Owner of Profil Marketing OhG
Yanping Zou M.Sc.
Marketing & Business Development Manager at Aaronn Electronic GmbH
Laurent Remont
CTO of Kontron S&T AG
Philippe Fondacci
Product Portfolio Manager
Bernhard Günthner
EVP IoT Software at the S&T Group
Alexander Squarra
Account Manager for industrial computer hardware and IoT solutions at Aaronn Electronic GmbH
Serge Tissot
Technical Strategy Manager
Stefan Lobmeier
Product Manager Motherboards & SBC
Dietmar Kolbus
Head of Project and Product Management
Peter Hoser
Vice President Product Center Boards
Chris Wilder
Director of Marketing for Kontron North America
Thomas Stanik
Business Development Manager Product Center Boards
Mark Littlefield
Vertical Product Manager Kontron America
Reiner Grübmeyer
Director Product Management Systems and Software
Bernard Feaux
Business Development Manager, Transportation Business
Sandra Krombacher
Marketing Manager at Kontron America
Andreas Schlaffer
Head of R&D at Kontron Austria
Emanuele De Marinis
Sales & Business Development Manager Motherboards
Vanessa Kluge
Produkt Manager, EquipmentCloud®
Dipl. Ing. Thomas Dreyer
Director Research & Development
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