Defense Computers

Kontron Defense Computers range from compact to modular mission computers, rugged blade computers, rugged enclosures and rugged ethernet switches.

Defense Computers

Compact Mission Computers

Kontron's next-generation COBALT product family delivers application-specific I/O ideally suited to established military application profiles. The new I/O options are cost-effective, modular solutions that streamline integration of situational awareness,

Modular Mission Computers

Based on Kontron's vast VPX offering, they offer minimal footprint and maximal configurability for rugged environments.

COBALT™ S1901 Neu

Rugged High Performance Mission Computing Platform

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DARC™ VX208 Bald verfügbar

VPX-based Rugged Mission Computer for data processing, video, graphics and AI

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Multi-Mission-fähiges, extrem robustes Computersystem

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Rugged Blade Computers

StarVX is a modular baseline to build highly parallel rugged computers, featuring leading edge I/O bandwidth on the back plane, (10 times better than currently deploying HPEC architectures).

Rugged Enclosures

Leveraging two decades of expertise in the rugged enclosure domain, Kontron has solutions for all types of computer boards and all grades of harsh environment.


Robustes VME/CompactPCI Chassis mit 3 Slots

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Robustes Chassis mit 7 Slots für 6HE VME oder cPCI bzw. 5 Slots für VPX

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Robustes 6HE VME/CompactPCI Chassis mit 10/12/18 Slots

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Konduktionsgekühltes 1/2 Short ATR Chassis mit 5 Slots

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Konduktionsgekühltes 1/2 ATR Chassis mit 5 Slots für 3HE

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