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CompactPCI with digital output card in 3U

Last year in September and December Kontron introduced a completely new I/O concept for 3U CompactPCI with their analogue (CP371) and digital (CP381) input modules and Kontron is now following up for the Embedded Systems exhibition by supplementing this line with the CP382 Digital Output Card.
The CP382 has 24 output channels and covers a voltage range from 9.5 V to 35 V and supplies an output current of 500 mA maximum per channel. A useful feature: The Run LED is configurable.
The software is also kept user-friendly: For example, the API support occurs under Windows NT which above all provides a simple interface to established software tools such as LabView and AgilentVee. In addition, Kontron Embedded Computers supplies for the CP382 comprehensive software support for all current operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows NT, Embedded NT, VxWorks and Linux (on request).
Through the following protection mechanisms, the digital output card takes the safety requirements for industrial applications into account:
- overtemperature protection through thermal switch-off at 150 0C,
- undervoltage protection (upper threshold: 9.5 V) and overcurrent protection of max. 1.2 A,
- protective insulation of 2 kV with respect to the system.
The CP382 Digital CompactPCI Output Card is available from February 2002.

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