EZ Platforms

VME and VPX Evaluation and Development Platforms
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  • Plug and Play, no Hardware Knowledge needed
  • Ideal for VME and VPX Evaluation and Software Development
  • Air-Cooled Laboratory Environment
  • Pre-Installed Linux or VxWorks
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Kontron provides a solution for a quick entry into the evaluation and development of VME and VPX applications. EZ turnkey platforms are compact air-cooled rack systems with pre-integrated VME or VPX board along with the associated rear transition module (RTM) and pre-loaded software. Engineers with no prior VME or VPX expertise can start application development in seconds.



EZ Platforms
[ ez-platforms-20-02-15-datasheet.pdf, 1.02 MB, Aug.31.2017 ]


EZ3-CMB Computer Getting Started [restrictions apply]
[ ez3-cmb-computer-getting-started.pdf, 1.43 MB, Sep.11.2017 ]

EZ1-VM6050 Quick Start [restrictions apply]
[ ez1-vm6050-quick-start.pdf, 155.27 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

EZ1-VM6050 Getting Started [restrictions apply]
[ ez1-vm6050-getting-started.pdf, 430.91 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

EZ3_VX304x Quick Start [restrictions apply]
[ sddtg12-0e.pdf, 192.17 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

EZ3_VX3044-A0 Quick Start [restrictions apply]
[ sddtg13-0e.pdf-2, 169.62 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

EZ1-VM6052/54 Getting Started [restrictions apply]
[ ez1-vm6052-54-getting-started.pdf, 705.89 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]


Kontron Modular Computers S.A.S. Service and Support Offering
This data sheet contains a detailed description of all the support and service offering from Kontron Modular Computers S.A.S, including the Long Term Supply (LTS) Services.
[ support-brochure-03-2018.pdf, 894.71 KB, Jun.28.2018 ]



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