Technology update: Kontron’s SecureOS solution offers data protection for critical infrastructure

Technology update: Kontron’s SecureOS solution offers data protection for critical infrastructure

Linz, Austria,  August 22, 2023 – Kontron has developed the new Linux based SecureOS operating system that provides security and data protection for IoT solutions in critical areas. Data security is crucial for Kontron’s customers and SecureOS safeguards IoT solutions against remote control by intruders, hackers, or surveillance by third parties.

Kontron is broadening its products and solutions mix and has started marketing its new SecureOS software solution against any remote interference in infrastructure projects. It safeguards IoT solutions against new threats from the internet and hostile infrastructure attacks. It can be combined with most of Kontrons product platforms and further expands the susietec® toolset family. This solution will not only significantly increase security standards but also cut down OPEX by at least 15%.

As a first customer, a leading global supplier with an international service network for industrial and municipal plant operators will soon introduce SecureOS. The solution includes next to SecureOS further susietec® toolset functionalities and will support the critical water as well as wastewater infrastructure of millions of people in Central Europe. In this case, SecureOS provides detailed insights into the operating status of the pumps and guarantees continuous monitoring during operation while safeguarding against intruders and surveillance from third parties. Smart additional functions such as automated emergency shutdowns prevent pumps from being damaged or destroyed.

Unlike other IoT solutions, Kontron operates from a neutral country safeguarding the highest security standards for infrastructure projects, also endorsed by governmental entities.

For Kontron, a leading IoT provider listed on the TecDAX® and SDAX® of the German Stock Exchange, expanding the product mix with security software will be another driver of gross margin expansion in the coming years. Secure OS and susietec® as a whole – together with Kontrons transportation business – comprise our fast-growing business segment “Software + Solutions”. It amounts to currently below 20% of Kontron’s revenues but will turn into the biggest segment by 2025 and will have a revenue share of more than 50% by 2027.

SecureOS will further expand our susietec® toolset family which now consists of 10 specialized software and 9 hardware products paired with years of expertise. It is ranging from EquipmentCloud® which turns factories smart using predictive maintenance and machine learning to our newly launched SecureOS which guarantees that embedded hardware devices in the field are secure and up to date. All products communicate seamlessly with each other, and customers can add as many products as needed and as little as they want.



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