Major order for smart wallboxes

Austria, May 21, 2024 - Kontron AG, a global leader in IoT technology, has been greenlit to supply smart charging stations for electric vehicles for one of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Series production will begin in July 2024.

The first stage of the contract is worth at least EUR 200 million. For the development of the fully networked charging solution, the IoT specialist is relying on the expertise of its new subsidiary eSystems, a producer of innovative charging systems, acquired at the start of the year as part of the Katek merger. “By acquiring KATEK, we have expanded our product portfolio to include high-quality products and solutions for solar energy and smart charging”, says Kontron CEO Hannes Niederhauser. “We are already seeing the first success stories and synergic effects”. One tangible advantage is the considerable cost benefits achieved by upgrading KATEK products with Kontron software. “The software of our charging systems allows us to provide the smart answer for what the energy and transport transition needs, strongly driven by digitalisation and networking”.

With its seamless networking via Ethernet, LTE, WiFi, EEBUS, MODBUS/TCP, OCPP and ISO15118, Kontron is ready for the increasing digitalisation of the energy sector. After all, if fluctuating energy generation from wind power and photovoltaics is to be used intelligently and efficiently, then it is crucial that buildings, electric vehicles, and the power grid are all networked. The systems communicate with the energy management system, which can be connected to a PV system, heat pumps or battery storage systems. With these systems, the electric vehicle accesses a tariff table from the Wallbox and can use it to calculate the dynamic charging plan. Grid-supportive charging that adapts to the utilisation of the power grid and flexible charging tariffs is also possible in accordance with Paragraph 14a of Germany’s Energy Industry Act (EnWG). Communication with the car takes place via ISO 15118, which also enables the electric vehicle and charging station to recognise each other and exchange information. At public charging stations, authorisation can be given via Plug'n'Charge.

“We call this technology ‘smart charging next level’”, says eSystems Managing Director Jochen Paukert. “From the very first stage of development, our goal was to offer solutions today that will shape the future”. The boxes can receive remote updates, enabling them able to react quickly to current developments or cybersecurity threats. The Wallbox can be connected to the internet via LTE or Ethernet and updates are simply installed over the air.




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Kontron AG (, ISIN AT0000A0E9W5, WKN A0X9EJ, KTN) is a leading IoT technology company. For more than 20 years, Kontron has been supporting companies from a wide range of industries to achieve their business goals with intelligent solutions. From automated industrial operations, smarter and safer transport to advanced communications, connectivity, medical, and energy solutions, the company delivers technologies that add value for its customers. With the acquisition of Katek SE in early 2024, Kontron significantly strengthens its portfolio with the new GreenTec division, focusing on solar energy and eMobility, and grows to around 8,000 employees in over 20 countries worldwide. Kontron is listed on the SDAX® and TecDAX® of the German Stock Exchange.





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