Use Case

Siemens Optiguide

  • Siemens Optiguide

    Optical guidance system steers buses as if on tracks

    Precise lane recognition with Kontron PC/104-Plus SBCs based on the AMD Geode™ processor

    With Optiguide, Siemens' optical guidance system, buses can be driven as precisely as if they were on tracks, making getting on and off the bus an even more comfortable and secure experience for passengers. This is enabled by creating the smallest possible, barrier-free distance to the platform. The Siemens Optiguide steers the bus to within less than 5 cm of the bus stop. For the onboard control computer Siemens relies on the robust and extremely compact PC/104-Plus boards from Kontron with long-term availability. The CPUs are the AMD Geode™ processors which excel through low power requirements and offer long-term availability.

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