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Public Water Way Control

  • Public Water Way Control

    Detzem, a small town in the middle of the wine-growing region about 25 km from Trier, is also the location of one of the four barrages on the Moselle. These systems usually comprise a lock, weir and power station. The barrage at Detzem is a "sector weir" composed of three approximately 40m wide and 8m high sectors, the levels of which can be adjusted by a system of water conduits in the head water and tail water. In the autumn of 1997 the complete refurbishment of the electrical and control equipment for the weir was put under contract by WMA Coblenz with BEA TDL (Elektrotechnik und Automation Technische Dienste Lausitz GmbH). Automation & Software Günther Tausch GmbH was in turn given the job of developing the control section by BEA TDL.

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