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  • Ophtalmology

    Kontron’s products are utilized within the TECHNOLAS® Laser Suite, an innovative all laser cataract and refractive platform which combines the TECHNOLAS Femtosecond Workstation 520F and the TECHNOLAS Excimer Workstation 217P. This laser suite offers the widest range of advanced cataract and refractive procedures including a new femtosecond laser procedure for performing the key steps in cataract surgery. Known as CUSTOMLENS™, this software module has been developed to enable a change in paradigm in cataract surgery. With CUSTOMLENS™, cataract surgery can now be gently performed with computer precision, replacing the previous manual approach. Further procedures available on the TECHNOLAS 520F include LASIK flaps, therapeutic indications and a minimally invasive, intrastromal treatment for presbyopia, INTRACOR®.

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