Industrial Motherboard supporting the 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i and Xeon® Processors
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  • 1x eDP, 2x DP, 1x HDMI for triple display support
  • 3x GbE LAN for Ethernet
  • 6x USB 3.1, 4x USB2.0, 4x RS232/422/485,8-bit DIO for peripheral connection
  • 2x SATA 3.0 for storage
  • 1x PCIe x16, 1x M.2 Key M, 1x M.2 Key A, 1x M.2 Key B for expansion
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Core™ & Xeon® Processors Support

Both Desktop- and Server-Grade Variants Available

mITX-CFL-S is a Mini-ITX industrial motherboard equipped with

9th Generation Intel® S-Series processors. It has two types of derived models based on Core™ i and Xeon® E processors respectively, making it suitable for enhanced embedded applications in infotainment, industrial automation, process control, small business / storage server, entry / mobile / cloud workstation, media transcode and edge computing / IoT segments.

A Variety of Expansion Interfaces

In addition to a variety of peripheral interfaces, mITX-CFL-S has two SATA 3.0 sockets, one PCIe x16 slot, one M.2 Key M socket, one M.2 Key A socket and one M.2 Key B socket for great storage and expansion possibilities.


Processor Intel® Xeon® E-2200 Series (LGA1151 socket, max. 35 W TDP support for 8 Core CPU)
Intel® Xeon® E-2100 Series (LGA1151 socket)
9th Generation Intel® Core™ S-Series (LGA1151 socket, max. 35 W TDP support for 8 Core CPU)
8th Generation Intel® Core™ S-Series (LGA1151 socket)
8th Generation Intel® Celeron® S-Series (LGA1151 socket)
Chipset Intel® C246 (Xeon®, Core™ & Celeron® CPU)
Intel® Q370 (Core™ & Celeron® CPU)
Main Memory 2x DDR4 2400/2666 U-DIMM up to 64 GByte
Graphics Controller Intel® UHD Graphics P630 (Xeon® CPU)
Intel® UHD Graphics 630 (Core™ CPU)
Intel® UHD Graphics 610 (Celeron® CPU)
Display 1x eDP 1.4 (4096 x 2304 @ 60 Hz)
2x DP (on rear, 4096 x 2304 @ 60 Hz)
1x HDMI 1.4 (on rear, 4096 x 2160 @ 24 Hz / 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz)
Triple display support
Audio Controller Realtek ALC662
Audio 1x Line-out (by header)
1x Mic-in (by header)
1x S/PDIF (by header)
Ethernet 3x GbE LAN (RJ45 on rear, 1x Intel® I219-LM, 1x Intel® I210-AT,1x Intel® I211-AT )
USB 6x USB 3.1 (Type A on rear)
4x USB 2.0 (by header)
Serial 4x RS232/422/485 (2x DB9 on rear with 5 V / 12 V power output support, 2x by header)
Available I/Os 1x 8-bit DIO (by wafer)
SATA 2x SATA 3.0 (RAID 0/1 support)
Expansion 1x PCIe x16
1x M.2 Key M (type 2280, mixed w/ PCle x4)
1x M.2 Key A (type 2230, mixed w/ PCle x1 & USB 2.0)
1x M.2 Key B (type 2242, mixed w/ PCIe x1, SATA 3.0 & USB 3.1)
1x Micro SIM Card Cage
Input Voltage DC 12 V
Power connector 1x 2x4-pin ATX connector
BIOS AMI uEFI BIOS w/ 128 Mb SPI Flash
Watchdog Programmable WDT to generate system reset event
Real Time Clock Chipset integrated RTC
Cooling 1x Wafer for CPU Smart Fan
1x Wafer for System Smart Fan
Operating System Windows 10 (Core™ / Celeron® CPU)
Windows Server (Xeon® CPU)
Mechanical Dimensions Mini-ITX (170 mm x 170 mm / 6.70” x 6.70”)
Operation Temperature 0 °C ~ 60 °C / 32 °F ~ 140 °F (Standard)
-20 °C ~70 °C / -4 °F ~ 158°F (Extended)
Humidity 0 % ~ 95 %
Certifications CE Class A, FCC Class A



mITX-CFL-S Datasheet (Release Candidate) 
Revision 20200909, September 9, 2020
[ kontron-mitx-cfl-s-datasheet-20200909.pdf, 1.9 MB, Sep.09.2020 ]


mITX-CFL-S User Guide
Revision 2.3, September 9, 2020
[ kontron-mitx-cfl-s-user-guide-rev-2d3-2020-09-09.pdf, 2.3 MB, Sep.09.2020 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ 0_0096_4370_v2_2_d_e_2019-10-15.pdf, 111.84 KB, Oct.29.2019 ]

Tech Spec Sheet

Tech Specs MINI-ITX
[ tech-spec_mini-itx.pdf, 346.31 KB, Mar.11.2019 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 390.7 KB, Sep.06.2019 ]

More Downloads

All other downloads such as drivers, bios, drawings etc. are available on Kontron’s Customer Section


mITX-CFL-S-C246 Intel® C246 Chipset, Operation Temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C  
mITX-CFL-S-Q370 Intel® Q370 Chipset, Operation Temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C  
mITX-CFL-S-C246-ET Intel® C246 Chipset, Operation Temperature: -20 °C ~ 70° °C  


COM_Port Cable
COM_Port Cable D-SUB 9P (male) to 1x10P 1.25 pitch, L=350 mm  
DIO Cable
DIO Cable D-SUB-9P(Female) to 1x10P 1.25 pitch, L=200mm  
2 Ports USB 2.0 Cable
2 Ports USB 2.0 Cable USB (female) ×2 to 2×5P 2.54 pitch, L=340 mm  
SATA Cable with Lock
SATA Cable with Lock SATA Cable with Lock, 1X7P (1.27 pitch), L=460 mm  
Active Cooler for LGA1156 Socket
Active Cooler for LGA1156 Socket AL Heat Sink + FAN, 12V DC-In, Support to 85Watt  
Audio Cable L=400 mm
Audio Cable L=400 mm 2X6P(2.54 pitch) to 2 audio jack, L=400 mm  
Phoenix 4-pin DC In Cable
Phoenix 4-pin DC In Cable C4255HF-2*4P 5557 Housing 4.2 mm Pitch to 2EHDP-4P 1*4P 5.08 mm Pitch + JST 110 Terminal 0.8T, UL1007 18#, L = 300 mm  
Intel i3-8100
Intel i3-8100 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processors 4Core; 3.6GHz; 6MB Cache; TDP 65W  
Intel i3-8100T
Intel i3-8100T 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processors 4Core; 3.1GHz; 6MB Cache; TDP 35W  
Intel i5-8500
Intel i5-8500 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processors 6Core; 3.0GHz; 9MB Cache; TDP 65W  
Intel i5-8500T
Intel i5-8500T 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processors 6Core; 2.1GHz; 9MB Cache; TDP 35W  
Intel i7-8700
Intel i7-8700 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processors 6Core; 3.2GHz; 12MB Cache; TDP 65W  
Intel i7-8700T
Intel i7-8700T 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processors 6Core; 2.4GHz; 12MB Cache; TDP 35W  
Intel G4900
Intel G4900 Intel® Celeron® Processor G Series 2Core; 3.1GHz; 2MB Cache; TDP 54W  
Intel G4900T
Intel G4900T Intel® Celeron® Processor G Series i5 Processors 6Core; 2.9GHz; 2MB Cache; TDP 25W  
Intel G5400
Intel G5400 Intel® Pentium® Gold Processor Series 2Core; 3.7GHz; 4MB Cache; TDP 58W  
Intel G5400T
Intel G5400T Intel® Pentium® Gold Processor Series 2Core; 3.1GHz; 4MB Cache; TDP 35W  
Intel Xeon E-2176G
Intel Xeon E-2176G 8th Generation Intel® Xeon® E Series Processors 6Core; 3.7GHz up to 4.7GHz; 12MB Cache; TDP 80W  
Intel Xeon E-2124G
Intel Xeon E-2124G 8th Generation Intel® Xeon® E Series Processors 4Core; 3.4GHz up to 4.5GHz; 8MB Cache; TDP 71W  


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