Kontron is following up on all relevant regulatory obligations and is committed to fulfill customer requirements for dedicated markets on an individual level. It is part of our corporate culture and values to be respectful of the environment and to put in place appropriate process to avoid usage of conflict minerals sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries. Kontron expects its suppliers to commit to the same values and is making their selection accordingly. Planning updates on our endeavors in that field will be available as we go along.

Kontron’s provisions cover the entire process from product definition through manufacturing down to customer delivery and information sharing.

  • Environmental material requirements are considered during product definition at earliest stage
  • Components selected for design in are verified related to environmental requirements
  • Material verification is executed utilizing dedicated external services providing current data
  • We respect other regulatory obligations such as
    - ROHS
    - REACH
    - Battery content restrictions
    - Ozone Depleting Chemicals
    - Others not explicitly mentioned may be checked on purpose
  • Kontron’s purchasing contracts require our business partners to follow Kontron’s AVL/specification and oblige our partners to report deviations regarding environmental content
  • Kontron cooperates and purchase components and materials directly at the original part supplier and secures thereby it’s supply chain against counterfeit parts, while granting doubt free identification of material sources
  • Customer reporting is provided on request for dedicated Kontron products, which will not necessarily disclose individual substances, but will state the overall status of material verification.
  • Product related declarations are provided by the respective Kontron entity, which delivered the relevant product.


By putting in place previous actions, Kontron demonstrates its commitment to source material from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers and to ensure that Contract Manufacturers are compliant with Kontron’s expectations.

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