Lindsay was born in San Diego in 1964.  Starting at about age 6, he worked with motors and electronics, taking apart every toy he had, and sometimes the household appliances, and slowly learned the ways of electronics and mechanical things all on his own.  By the time he graduated high school, he was working on his own cars and motorcycles, often for his friends too. Years went by and he found himself working for a local fire alarm company, doing low voltage work with camera and card access systems as well.
But something was missing.  In 1998 he attended his first Burning Man festival and by 2005, knew he had to build something that would satisfy his need to get back to working on things like he used to when he was riding motocross bikes in the 80’s.  So, he created the electric giraffe, which was greeted with huge amounts of praise and enthusiasm from everyone who saw it.  By 2008 he knew he had to take it to the next level, and with help from various sponsors, Lindsay fashioned the giraffe into a full fledged professional project, with an excellent programmer, Russell Pinnington in the UK coming on board to lend his expertise in the field of robotic intelligence and design.  Today Lindsay and his friend Russell have managed to take the giraffe to new levels, and gain such attention that he and the giraffe were recently invited to the White House itself, and met the President of the United States, who actually petted the giraffe and got to hear him speak.
Lindsay and his robotic giraffe currently live out in Ramona, where he has a huge workshop full of machines and parts he’s gathered over the years.

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