Media cloud platform to address latency and poor scalability of cloud transcoding infrastructure
  • Designed from the ground up to integrate switching, storage and processing in a 3-in-1 modular approach
  • Power efficiency for significant OPEX savings
  • Simplified 1-click updates
  • Seamless cluster and rack scalability
  • Designed for IPTV, Cable, Cloud and Mobile Cloud service providers to introduce new applications used for mobile and fixed video transcoding, unified communications and Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)
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Cloud platform solves the power costs, space constraints, and cluster management challenges of hosted services environments

Now supports the newly released 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core processor

Designed for the media optimization applications for cloud infrastructure and next-gen data center requirements.

With mobile devices challenged by power consumption and the usage of bandwidth-hungry video content, the need for efficient transcoding in the cloud has never been greater. As transcoding for mobile devices are moving in to the Cloud to offload the required processing on the mobile device, the result is better power efficiency on the mobile device. Working with Intel, Kontron has created the optimal solution that addresses the issue of energy efficiency, scalability and cost, and results in a better user experience.

The Kontron SYMKLOUD Media platform is also designed to complement M2M applications as a connecting element for Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS). The Kontron MS2900 is designed from ground up to improve how service providers deploy any web-based hosted services in four key areas:

  • Multifaceted approach towards achieving the best Power Efficiency;
  • Integrated Switching for more elegant and seamless cluster and rack scalability;
  • Simplified Management that slashes system-level update times;
  • Integration Servicing of all required hardware and software to match requirements of client's infrastructure applications

Its overall modular approach makes the Kontron SYMKLOUD Media platform also capable of running multiple applications – including transcoding – across multiple independent low-power, high-performance processors.

The SYMKLOUD MS2900 Media platform features up to 18 Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core Processors, and is future-proofed to accommodate next generation Intel processors.



SYMKLOUD MS2900 Media datasheet
[ symkloud-ms2900_20190909_datasheet.pdf, 788.99 KB, Aug.31.2017 ]


MS29xx Product Documentation Package

All-in-one platform documentation package, contains the following :

MS2900 First Startup Guide v1.1
The First Startup Guide will assist you with getting up and running on your SYMKLOUD MS2900 Platform.


  • MS2900 Platform Quick Start Guide, v1.2
  • MS2900 Platform User Guide, v1.5
  • MS1300 Platform User Guide, v1.0 ~NEW~ 01-2019

HUB modules

  • MSH8900 User Guide, v1.2
  • MSH8910 Series User_Guide, 1.0
  • MSH891x CLI Reference Guide, v1.5
  • MSH8920 Series User Guide, 1.0
  • MSH8920 PicOS routing and switching configuration guide, v1.0
  • MSH8920 PicOS routing and switching commands reference guide, v1.0
  • MSU8700 (Uplink Module) Quick Reference Sheet, v1.1


  • MSP800x Series User Guide, v1.0
  • MSP802x Series User Guide, v1.1
  • MSP804x Series User Guide, v1.2
  • MSP8050 Series User Guide, v1.1
  • MSP8060 Series User Guide, v1.0


  • System Monitor User Guide, v3Rev1
  • System Monitor API Programmer's Guide, v3Rev2


  • MSP802x KVM Configuration, v2.0. (AN14006)
  • MSH8900 SFP modules, v1.0. (AN14005)
  • MSH8910 compatibility guide, v1.0
  • MS2910-Startup_use-case_VLAN-segregated_Mgmt+payload_networks (AN17002)
  • MS2910-Startup_use-case_physically_isolated_Mgmt+payload_networks (AN17003)
  • MS2910-Startup_use-case_common Mgmt+payload_network (AN17004)
  • MS2900-Startup_use-case_common Mgmt+payload_network, v1.0 (AN18001)
  • MS2900-Startup_use-case_physically_isolated_Mgmt+payload_networks, v1.0 (AN18002)
  • MS2900-Startup_use-case_VLAN-segregated_Mgmt+payload_networks, v1.0 (AN18003)
  • MS2920-Startup_use-case_common Mgmt+payload_network, v1.0 (AN18004)
  • MS2920-Startup_use-case_physically_isolated_Mgmt+payload_networks, v1.0 (AN18005)

[, 60.15 MB, Jan.28.2019 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]


MSP804x - Intel(R) Chipset Device Software
Product: Intel(R) Chipset Device Software
Target PCH/Chipset: Client Platforms
Target OS: Windows

[, 2.92 MB, Apr.20.2023 ]


Kontron IPMItool
IPMITOOL v1.8.13-K14
IPMItool is a simple Linux command-line tool used to communicate with IPMI-enabled devices. It provides remote management, sensor and FRU information. It can also be used to update firmwares if supported by the device. The following binaries are optimized for Kontron’s products and are based on the open source version found on Sourceforge.
[ ipmitool-1-8-13-k14-tar.gz, 906.96 KB, Apr.20.2023 ]

Symkloud-MS Platform and Switch SNMP MIBs
This archive contains:

  1. MIB-files for the following components:
    • Symkloud-MS ShMCs (Platform Management/Monitoring): v20171201
    • MSH8900 Switch (Switch Management/Monitoring): 1.14
    • MSH8910 Switch (Switch Management/Monitoring): GA4.50
    • MSH8920 Switch (Switch Management/Monitoring): 1.6.4-24
  2. PDF with details on SNMP implementation on Symkloud-MS platforms
Updated: June-2018
[, 1.37 MB, Jun.14.2018 ]


MSH8900 Switch NOS (SMBStaX)
MSH8900 switch NOS version 2.25
[ msh8900-smbstax-2-25.dat, 5.62 MB, Apr.20.2023 ]

MS29xx OneClick Update Bundle: (ShMC Only v3.00)
Due to a limitation in the maximum bundle-size on older releases,
MSH8900 and MSH891x with ShMC versions less than those listed
below must first be updated using this bundle.

[, 35.6 MB, Apr.20.2023 ]

MS29xx OneCLick Update (Current Release) : Royal Elfin (v3.19.00)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a limitation in the maximum bundle-size on previous releases,
MSH8900 with ShMC v2.xx and MSH891x with ShMC 1.xx (or older) must first be updated
using the 'ShMC-Only v3.00 bundle'.
Release Notes
[, 149.68 MB, Apr.20.2023 ]

MS29xx OneCLick Update (Previous Release) : Quartz Elfin (v3.18.00)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a limitation in the maximum bundle-size on previous releases,
MSH8900 with ShMC v2.xx and MSH891x with ShMC 1.xx (or older) must first be updated
using the 'ShMC-Only v3.00 bundle'.
Release Notes
[, 148.69 MB, Apr.20.2023 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 8.9 MB, Dec.17.2020 ]



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