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At Communication Systems Solutions, LLC our primary mission is the solution of communication system design problems. With over 50 years of combined design experience in the private and for hire sectors, CSS can not only help our customers realize their custom design goals, but we can also serve as a guide through the entire design process.


  • Electronics HW Design
  • Software from High Level Applications to Embedded Systems, drivers, signal processing, GUI development, and real time systems
  • Product manufacturing, PCB population, light assembly

COM Express™ Baseboard

Market Segment: Communications

The purpose of the baseboard design was to embed a PC into an existing device that had previously used an external PC as its user interface

Key Features

  • SDVO to DVI-D interface
  • Multiple internal and external USB interfaces
  • Multiple hard drive options
  • Custom footprint to fit inside of existing metal enclosure

Board Details

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