3City Electronics

Abrahama 1A, 80-307 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: +48 58 765 01 48

3City Electronics focuses on design from scratch and produces consumer and industrial electronics. 3City Electronics is supplying innovative solutions in areas such as: industrial automation, energy, military, telecommunications, telematics, medicine, computer games, public safety, aerospace, sports, Internet of Things, and wearables. The company specializes in design services and R&D. With a team of more than 50 high-educated engineers, the company supports clients with advanced and innovative solutions to increase their competitiveness on the global market. 3City Electronics has the Intel® Technology Provider status and is a member of Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance with the General Member status.  


  • R&D service based on the client’s idea
  • Mechanics design and prototyping
  • Prototypes and small volume production
  • Advanced test systems and production test fixture preparation
  • Product certification according to the global standards

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