Print Web International, Inc

Print Web International, Inc

Partner of Defense application

Print Web International, Inc

PWI focus on MIL/AERO market, provide rugged embedded computer, avionic, signal processing(FPGA/GPGPU) and real time solutions for government or research institute. Specialize in COMExpress, CPCI, VME/VPX, MTCA/ATCA and COM Express products. Integration service includes sensors, video, 1553B/ARINC429, WAN/LAN, ECDIS/VTS for marine and coastal surveillance. OS support includes Windows, XPE and Linux.

Product Focus

  • AdvancedMC
  • AdvancedTCA
  • CompactPCI Serial
  • CompactPCI
  • Computer-on-Modules
  • HMI
  • Rack Mount Systems
  • VPX
  • VME
  • Monitors
  • Panel PC

Industry Focus

  • Luftfahrt
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