Returning of Goods

All equipment returned to Kontron must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number assigned exclusively by Kontron. Kontron cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to the equipment received without an RMA number. The customer accepts responsibility for all freight charges for the return of goods to Kontron's designated facility. Kontron will pay return freight charges back to the customer's location in the event that the equipment is repaired or replaced within the warranty period stipulated herewith.


To request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number

  • Be prepared to supply the unit serial number, reason for return and original ship date
  • Place call to 1-800-387-4222 to receive RMA number (toll free in the US) OR
  • E-mail the information to to receive RMA number
  • Complete the RMA Request Form
  • Return defective material (unless instructed otherwise with issuance of RMA) to:


Contact and Delivery Address

Kontron Canada Inc.
4555 Ambroise Lafortune
Quebec, Canada J7H 0A4
Attn: RMA number

Phone: 1-800-387-4222

Standard Warranty Policy Rev. Jan 17, 2017


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