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Everything under control

K-station controls:
# Hardware
# Operating Systems
# Software Application

K-station's Benefits:
# Flexibility
# Protect your IP
# Full Customization
# Fast Time-to-market
# Independence
# Full Control
# Sustainability

Powerful software toolkit and library for Computer-on-Modules In the past few years, ready-to-use software utilities have become an outstanding key issue in embedded solutions and applications. Kontron supports you with a powerful toolkit and developer library which is designed to perfectly fulfill perfectly the needs in Computer-on-Modules business.

What is K-station?
K-station is a software toolkit and API designed for:

  • Product and software development
  • Product support
  • Maintenance for application developers and software solution integrators

K-station - What can it do?
The whole power of K-station is demonstrated in a comprehensive and powerful reference application. It ncapsulates all interfaces of the K-station library in a graphical user interface for fast and easy access.
These reference applications enable quick testing and debugging. The sources available can be used as sound reference code as well as programming samples.

Supported platforms
Kontron provides K-station for Microsoft® Windows®. Further operating systems are planned. The API is compatible with any higher programming language.
Different modules, different operating systems and even different development environments make the programmer’s life more complicated. K-station overcomes this by establishing an abstraction layer. It provides an easy-to-use programming interface to achieve independence Adjusting your target application to your needs is as easy as just clicking through all these tools. Fulfill your requirements for HMI, palmtops or 24/7 applications. and reuse know-how and code on different hardware module configurations, including hardware, BIOS and software configurations. K-station’s API is identical on all Kontron Computer-on-Modules.



Folder K-station, english
[ k_station_2010_einzeln_150_112010.pdf, 1.67 MB, Aug.31.2017 ]


General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]

Use Cases

Autonomes Fahren
Erfahren Sie wie perfekt unser COM Express® Modul für die Applikation unseres Kunden b-plus passt wegen seiner Flexibilität, Bandbreite, Zuverlässigkeit und der erforderlichen Grafik.
[ uc_b-plus_de.pdf, 4.8 MB, May.26.2021 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 8.9 MB, Dec.17.2020 ]

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