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6U VME High Performance PowerPC with Altivec Computer
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  • Up to 1.33 GHz Freescale Dual-Core MPC8641 with AltiVec
  • XMC and PMC Support
  • Up to 4 PMCs support with Carrier Board
  • High Speed Backplane with PCIe
  • VME 2eSST Capability
  • Air and Conduction-Cooled Versions
  • Operating from -40°C to +85°C

6U VME Freescale PMC8641 SBC with XMC/PMC

The 6U VME PowerPC VM6250 is designed for state-of-the-art applications requiring real-time data and signal processing, including sonar, radar, medical imaging and machine vision systems.
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CPU Freescale MPC8640/8641 Single & Dual Core Power Architecture processor
CPU Clock from 1GHz to 1.33GHz
DRAM 1/2 GB soldered DDR2 memory with ECC
Compliance VITA 1/1.5/1.7/31.1/38
Connectivity System Interconnect: 4x GbE , 1x PCI-Express x4, VME 2essT, Serial Lines
CPU L2 Cache 1 MByte per Core
Flash USB Flash Module support
Form Factor 6U VME
Frontpanel 2x GbE, 1x COM EIA-232, 1x USB 2.0
Cooling Available in Std Air and Conduction Cooling



VM6250 Datasheet
[ vm6250-datasheet-08-14.pdf, 2.56 MB, Aug.31.2017 ]

VME-VPX shortform catalog
[ shortform-vme-vpx.pdf, 4.09 MB, Jun.08.2022 ]

Kontron Modular Computers S.A.S. Service and Support Offering
This data sheet contains a detailed description of all the support and service offering from Kontron Modular Computers S.A.S, including the Long Term Supply (LTS) Services.
[ support-brochure-03-2018.pdf, 894.71 KB, Jun.28.2018 ]


VM6250 User's Guide [restrictions apply]
[ cadta65-vm6250-ug.pdf, 3.03 MB, Sep.11.2017 ]

VM6250 U-Boot User Manual [restrictions apply]
ID 10047
[ sddtf36.pdf, 628.21 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

VM6250 PBIT User's Guide [restrictions apply]
ID 10077
[ sddtf35.pdf, 247.84 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

ALMA2f - FPGA Bridge Release Notes [restrictions apply]
ALMA2f-PCI 32-66 MHz VME 2eSST FPGA Bridge Release Notes
[ cadia01-0e-alma2f-rn.pdf, 218.88 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

VM6250/RC User's Guide Supplement [restrictions apply]
[ cadta75.pdf, 565.9 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

EZ1-VM6250-00-L Quick Start [restrictions apply]
[ sddtf51.pdf, 132.63 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

Vx Works 6.8 ALMA VME Bus Driver [restrictions apply]
[ sddtg00-1e-vxworks68-69alma.pdf, 354.16 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

EZ1-VM6250 Getting Started [restrictions apply]
[ sddtf50.pdf, 349.43 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

EZ1-VM6250-00-L/V Quick Start [restrictions apply]
[ sddtf66.pdf, 132.9 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

VITA57 Development Kit User's Guide [restrictions apply]
[ sddtf79-3e-vita57-dvpt-kit-ug.pdf, 438.44 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

ALMA 2f-PCI 32-66 MHz [restrictions apply]
VME 2eSST FPGA Bridge User Manual
[ cidta00-alma-2f-.pdf, 770.95 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]

Release Notes

VM6250 Hardware Release Note [restrictions apply]
[ cadta66-5e-vm6250-hrn.pdf, 728.27 KB, Jul.03.2018 ]

VM6250 Release Notes Fedora 9 [restrictions apply]
[ sddtf37-3e-fedora9-vm6250.pdf, 377.15 KB, Jul.03.2018 ]


Firmware for VM6250
[ u-boot_vm6250_1_3_3_id15048.bin, 456.19 KB, Mar.16.2017 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 8.9 MB, Dec.17.2020 ]

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