“Wartungsfrei“ Industrial Computer Platforms Increase Reliability and Reduce Operating Costs

Maintenance-Free Technology for Industrial Computer Platforms

By deploying ’wartungsfrei’ (maintenance-free) Industrial Computer Platforms on-site, OEMs and operators can both reduce operating costs and increase the reliability of system installations. In turn, maintenance costs can be reduced while minimizing production downtime to prevent unnecessary profit loss.  Maintenance-free systems are paving the way for the new age of the ‘Smart Factory’ (Industry 4.0) based on the technology of IoT. 

Learn how:

  • ‘wartungsfrei’ (maintenance-free) industrial computer platforms increase reliability and reduce operating costs
  • pre-integrated and cloud-based service pave the way for ‘Smart Factory’ (Industry 4.0)
  • which different levels of ‘wartungsfrei’ are available to reduce your TCO
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