Flexible and scalable: Open Interface for highly efficient vehicle diagnostics

Learn more in the new Use Case

Our customer Hella Gutmann has to keep pace with the ever-changing communications requirements of major car manufacturers.

By identifying the new market requirements, Hella Gutmann seized the opportunity by undertaking a thorough evaluation of potential embedded computer manufacturers and providers. To ensure a rapid and low risk approach to bringing its new product vision to market, Hella Gutmann realised partnering with a trusted long-term supplier of COMs was essential. The chosen supplier would have to already offer an extensive range of leading edge industrial-grade embedded computer products and be highly experienced in the specialized requirements of the sector.


The Use Case focuses on: 

The challenges for a high flexible and scalable diagnostic device

The performance of our Computer on Module in that process

How our hard- and software resources drove the project

How our experience helped solve tricky challenges

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