Accelerating Neural Networks for Public Transportation

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Onboard artificial vision capabilities in public transportation are critical to ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers and personnel as well as for maximizing the overall customer experience. Now, AI-enabled Deep Learning is bringing new possibilities to the attention of rail, tram and bus operators. How can embedded developers cost-effectively maximize the potential of AI for their onboard applications and what are the key considerations when accelerating neural networks?

Whitepaper topics discussed by Kontron and Intel: 

The design considerations and challenges facing embedded systems designers when developing AI-enabled vision applications for deployment onboard trains and other public transportation vehicles.

The critical role of neural network acceleration for delivering the full potential of Deep Learning for systems performance and functionality.

Kontron’s family of Intel-based EN50155 TRACe BoxPCs with neural network acceleration and its micro-cloud platform with Genetec™ Security Center.

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