TRACe-LP1 Not recommended for new designs

EN50155 Fanless IoT Gateway featuring Semtech's LoRa® wireless RF IC solution
This product is not recommended for new designs.
Last time buy: 2023-09-27
Last time delivery: 2024-09-27
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  • Fanless IoT rugged gateway with LPWAN technology enabling new applications
  • Powered by Kontron SEC-Line : secure hypervisor and remote fleet management tool
  • Concentrates and converts messages from LoRaWAN™ certified sensors to secure MQTT data streams
  • Possibility of local processing of messages in Python language for the decoding of LoRa messages, data filtering and sensor merging
  • Cloud connectivity through wired Ethernet, 4G LTE or Wi-Fi
  • 868 MHz Antenna for EU (Option 915 MHz for US, APAC soon)
  • Robust design operating -40 / + 70 ° C, M12 industrial connectors, M12 to RJ45 cables if necessary

EN50155 Fanless IoT Gateway with LoRa® wireless RF IC solution

Kontron TRACe-LP1 is an EN50155 (rolling-stock) fanless solution ready platform offering LoRaWAN™ local network and transforming messages to secure MQTT streams directly at the edge.  TRACe-LP1 is designed for severe environment (temperature, vibrations, ...) including EN50155 rolling stock conditions. A private network based on LoRaWAN™ can be instantaneously built without subscribing to a telecom operator network. When needed, the gateway can be installed on a moving platform (train, ship, vehicle, ...) creating a mobile LoRaWAN™ network.The TRACe-LP1 embeds a LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) radio concentrator based on Semtech's LoRa® wireless RF IC solution that can sustain eight communication channels simultaneously, and an Ethernet connectivity from one of the 2x GbE M12 X-Coded connectors.

Cloud or on premise connection is based on standard IP Ethernet. The gateway automatically transforms LoRaWAN™ messages to a secure MQTT stream that is “pushed” on a remote MQTT server. The connection to the MQTT server is secured by TLS connection using private keys on both sides: the TRACe gateway and the MQTT Server. Optionally, based on a yearly fee model, a Cloud server is accessible on a public URL to retreive the data from the TRACe Gateways.

Cloud connection is based on standard IP Ethernet or through optional Wi-Fi or 4G LTE. It automatically transforms messages gathered from LoRaWAN™ certified sensors to secure MQTT streams that can be “pushed” on the cloud or on-premises servers. The connection is secured by TLS connection using private keys used on both sides; The TRACe gateway and the Cloud server. Based on a yearly fee model, Kontron also propose an optional Cloud server accessible on a public URL hosting the connectivity (MQTT broker) and data collection from the TRACe Gateways.

Powered by Kontron SEC-Line solution including OpenWRT based hypervisor and OpCenter remote management tool (to control and monitor the fleet of Gateways and configure / associate LoRa objects), Kontron TRACe-LP1 is a  powerful gateway featuring an Intel® Atom quad core CPU with virtualization support . The Edge Computing option offers a local data processing engine feature via a fully integrated Virtual Machine which can be used to run customer OS and application software. The VM can receive the MQTT datastream and perform edge analytics or general FOG computing.

Thanks to the system openness and performance, beyond the LoRa/MQTT gateway communication services and security, various customers’ applications like maintenance, remote control, remote diagnostic, entertainment, video recording, operator information and much more can be launched in parallel.

Learn more about SEC-Line here.

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LoRa® and the LoRa logo are trademarks of Semtech Corporation.


Processor Multi-core Intel® Atom™ CPU
Main Memory 2 GB DDR3 with ECC
Ethernet 2x Ethernet 10/100/1000Mb/s, M12 X-coded connectors, 1.5kV insulation
Power Supply Input Voltage wide range 24 VDC...110 VDC (Class S2, 10 ms interruption)
Protection Class IP40 on all faces, IP54 or IP65 available on request
Options WWAN 4G modem LTE/HSPA+/GSM/GPRS/EDGE/EV-DO Rev A/1xRTT with
GNSS (Galileo, Glonass, GPS, Beidou)
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/abgn 2T2R
LoRa™ 915 MHz LoRaWAN network variant for US
Operation Temperature -40°C up to +70°C (with 10 min at +85°C) EN50155 Class Tx
Dimensions (H x W x D) 272 mm (300 mm with ears) x 190 mm x 78 mm



TRACe LP1 Datasheet
Railway version
[ trace-lp1_railway_20181115_light-datasheet.pdf, 735.19 KB, Jun.11.2019 ]

TRACe LP1 Ground Datasheet
Ground version
[ trace-lp1_ground_20181115_light--datasheet.pdf, 990.82 KB, Jun.11.2019 ]

LoRa Industrial Master Tracker Device
[ kontron-master-tracker-datasheet-04-2018.pdf, 305.17 KB, Feb.26.2019 ]

LoRa Micro Tracker Device
[ kontron-micro-tracker_20190108_datasheet.pdf, 1.16 MB, Feb.26.2019 ]


TRACe-LP1 User's Manual [restrictions apply]
[ sd-dt-g74-8e-lora-ug.pdf, 1.39 MB, Apr.20.2023 ]

TRACe LP1 User's Guide Addendum (LTE - WiFi)
[ addendum_trace-lp1_4g_lte_wifi_v1-2.pdf, 1.56 MB, Apr.20.2023 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]

Use Cases

TRACe LP1 - Solution Brief
[ lora-mqtt--solution-brief_v4.pdf, 2.48 MB, Nov.30.2018 ]

TRACe-LP1 Thalys Use Case EN
EN version
[ as_thalys_english_20181129_kontron.pdf, 2.79 MB, Nov.30.2018 ]

TRACe-LP1 Thalys Use Case FR
FR version
[ as_thalys_french_20181129_kontron.pdf, 2.8 MB, Nov.30.2018 ]


Kontron Modular Computers S.A.S. Service and Support Offering
This data sheet contains a detailed description of all the support and service offering from Kontron Modular Computers S.A.S, including the Long Term Supply (LTS) Services.
[ support-brochure-03-2018.pdf, 894.71 KB, Jun.28.2018 ]

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