KBox C-101

Industrial Computer Platform for control cabinet applications based on Intel's® 4th Generation.
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Forever Young - modular approach
  • Scalable and expandable
  • Various housing versions available
  • OEM design capable & customizable
  • 24V DC supply
  • Versatile expansion possibilities via mPCIe and PCIe
  • Broad range of interfaces
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The booksize-class cabinet Box PC is designed for maintenance-free operation and industry leading performance. With integrated COM Express® modules, this Box PC is highly scalable to models incorporating powerful 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processors.

In addition, using customized standard components, upgrades can be carried out quickly while allowing developers a greater degree of flexibility. The KBox C-101 can be easily expanded by standard PCIe and mPCIe cards. For OEM customers, the system is customizable and therefore dedicated to different purposes, for example by means of logo exchange or performance class adaptation.



Datasheet KBox C-101
[ datasheet_kbox-c101.pdf, 0.84 mb, Aug 31, 2017 ]


C-101 Manual
[ kbox-c-101_2_1_0_users-guide_v3.1.pdf, 8.24 mb, Sep 11, 2017 ]


ef801_bhl6_r114 [restrictions apply]
By unpacking this ZIP-Archive to a mass storage device with FAT32 partition you can use the automatic update mechanism which is part of the UEFI shell. Content of the Archive: - EFI R114 md5sum: 789e3b148d0dc120580395c7dac2f610
[ ef801_bhl6_r114.zip, 3.28 mb, Jan 18, 2017 ]

Board Support Packages

WES7_64_BSP_KBOX_C101_R11 [restrictions apply]
[ wes7_64_bsp_kbox_c101_r11.zip, 173.11 mb, May 18, 2015 ]

WIN7_BSP_KBOX_C101_R11 [restrictions apply]
[ win7_bsp_kbox_c101_r11.zip, 296.53 mb, May 21, 2015 ]

WIN81_64_BSP_KBOX_C101_R11 [restrictions apply]
[ win81_64_bsp_kbox_c101_r11.zip, 281.8 mb, May 21, 2015 ]

WIN7_64_BSP_KBOX_C101_R11 [restrictions apply]
[ win7_64_bsp_kbox_c101_r11.zip, 365.26 mb, May 21, 2015 ]

White Papers

Wartungsfrei [restrictions apply]

Mechanical Drawings

KBox C-101 outline drawing
[ kbox-c-101_outline_drawing.pdf, 4.16 mb, Jun 8, 2015 ]

Test Reports

cb-cert KBox C-101
[ cb-cert-kbox-c-101.pdf, 0.93 mb, Jun 8, 2015 ]


Linux BSP EF801 R11 for KBox C-101 [restrictions apply]
Contains drivers, a board library and demo applications. Contains all sources
[ lin26-bsp-ef801_r11.tar, 1.36 mb, Oct 4, 2016 ]

Readme for Fedora Live Image EF801 R11
Readme for Fedora Live Image EF801 R11. Please download and read this document, before downloading the Fedora Live Image EF801 R11.
[ readme_ef801_fedora.pdf, 0.1 mb, Aug 7, 2014 ]

Fedora Live Image EF801 64 R11 for KBox C-101 [restrictions apply]
Fedora live image, containing the Kontron Linux BSP for convenient and quick evaluation and installation. Please refer to the readme file in this download section for more details.
[ livecd-ef801-64-r11_141024.iso, 1400 mb, Oct 4, 2016 ]

Tech Spec Sheet

Tech Specs K-Box
[ tech-specs_kbox_final.pdf, 0.99 mb, Mar 7, 2018 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 0.37 mb, Nov 19, 2015 ]


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