SUSiEtec IoT Framework

One of the new challenges arising through the use of edge-, fog-, and cloud architectures is the connection of components to each other and to the public cloud. An important element of developing a solution capturing all pieces is the IoT framework SUSiEtec. Within Industry 4.0 applications, it connects all the components and provides analysis and processing of the data generated. SUSiEtec dissolves the traditional border between data generation, processing, and provision, enabling the fusion of IT and OT.

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SUSiEtec edge computing uses the local network’s processing power to control time-critical processes right on site. Data gets buffered locally, compressed, and handed off to the cloud according to pre-defined rules. This enhances process security, reduces bandwidth demands, and lowers operating costs, thus meeting the real-time demands of industrial IoT.

SUSiEtec enables companies to adopt a hybrid, scalable approach to their IoT scenarios combining the advantages of an on-premise solution with professional cloud infrastructures.
To meet this end, SUSiEtec is completely integrating Edge devices (Microsoft Azure-certified), Gateways, Fog Computing and Server products with the cloud infrastructure.

The framework is customized to fit the requirements of different applications, and is deployed at the boundary between sensors and cloud. It provides the necessary link between devices, translates protocols, filters data and processes them on site if and when needed. SUSiEtec can be configured flexibly and adapts to existing automation solutions to collect and analyze telemetry- and sensor data on site, to cope with rising demand for cloud bandwidth and storage. 

With Microsoft recently announcing the general availability of Microsoft Azure IoT Edge, Kontron and S&T Technologies offer comprehensive Microsoft Azure IoT Edge integration and customization services based on SUSiEtec – an end-to-end IoT solution that enables our customers to build scalable and powerful edge computing solutions with Microsoft Azure.

Piecing together the Edge and the Cloud Puzzle 

There is a frantic effort to update IT standards to suit machine- and manufacturing requirements; the ultimate goal is to realize the vision of seamless connectivity from the factory floor to the office door, from the machine operator all the way to the chief executive.


Create and Digitalize the Internet of Your Things with SUSiEtec

Key capabilities 

Connect and scale with efficiency 

Quickly get started and scale your IoT project to your business needs. Connect your devices, analyze previously-untapped data, and integrate business systems. Most of all, transform your organization by uncovering new business models and revenue streams. 

With worldwide availability of different cloud providers, you can be confident that SUSIEtec will meet your needs—no matter the size or location of your IoT project. 

Analyze and act on new data 

Analyze and mine disparate data to create new insights and predict future outcomes. Analyze data that has been acquired over a long period of time to find patterns and correlations to uncover trends that offer new insights about how your products are used or how they behave under certain conditions. 

Integrate and transform business processes 

SUSIEtec is designed to integrate with your existing processes, devices, and systems to enable you to automate common workflows and unlock new value by making the best use of both existing and new data sources. You can connect your people, processes, assets, and systems to create opportunities to innovate and transform your business.

SUSiEtec brochure

SUSiEtec IoT Framework

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