Ethernet & TSN Switching

Today, the connection from the sensor device to the embedded cloud takes place via real-time data communication, on the sensor and edge level - for example Industrial Ethernet or fieldbuses - and gateways, which provide the transformation of real time data into the informational area.

In the future, Ethernet-based real time traffic will be converted into Ethernet based TSN (Time Sensitive Network, IEEE 802.1) and OPC UA or similar standards. The interfaces between IT and OT are beginning to merge, allowing a seamless connection and communication.

TSN recently closed the missing real-time capability gap of Ethernet. It is an official IEEE extension to Ethernet and allows for converged Ethernet-based networks, where time-synchronized, deterministic communication is possible parallel to IT traffic.
This is indispensable for time-critical machine control and processes.

The TSN specifications (IEEE 802.1) guarantee real-time delivery of data in industrial environments, such as machine control applications in production processes from the sensor to the cloud. TSN offers guaranteed latency and quality of service (QoS) with time synchronization.

OPC-UA, a vendor-independent, widely accepted and standardized Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Software protocol, allows to seamlessly connect a wide variety of industrial components and machines in a unified manner. It includes security and high performance real-time capabilities when running over the fully standardized TSN Ethernet as the common transport layer.

On the basis of OPC UA, the common language, and TSN, the standardized real time transport mechanism, industrial applications can be seamlessly integrated without the need of a gateway between OT (operational technology) and IT (informational technology). Apart from that, computer virtualization can be used for process control in time critical applications.

#This not only reduces cost, but also the need to understand all existing technologies in the future.

Kontron provides industrial TSN Network interface cards, Ethernet switching devices and fully integrated TSN solutions. With long experience in telecom and industrial Ethernet technology, Kontron offers consulting even for complex and critical environments or custom product offerings.

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