IoT / Industry 4.0

"Our understanding of IoT is not just connecting devices and sensors and store as much data as possible. It is about smart applications that makes use of the data to improve processes, reduce resources and costs."

As a leading supplier of industrial computer platforms and solutions, Kontron and S&T provide a complete IIoT portfolio including hosting and service offerings out of one hand.

Based on the Embedded Cloud, Kontron offers Edge devices in order to gather and pre-filter telemetry/sensor data from the field and to provide it to the more powerful on-premise industrial or fog and cloud servers for further data processing like Artificial Intelligence, storage and virtualization.

For specific applications, Kontron provides custom solutions based on Boards & Modules or Ethernet switches. Kontron’s software and service offerings provide a completely integrated platform infrastructure and maintenance to allow our customers to focus on their core business.



IoT Ready Boards & Modules


COMe form factors basic (125x95), compact (95x95) and mini (84x55) with common PICMG pin-out types 2, 6, 7, 10

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Low-power embedded architecture platform for Computer-on-Modules based on ARM and X86 technology

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Single Board Computer

Kontron offers a broad range of high quality longevity Single Board Computers in the formfactors of 2,5” (pITX) and 3,5”. This variety of SBC’s serves the different needs of our customers in almost all applications.

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Kontron's embedded motherboards with a longevity up to 7 years are the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.

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Ethernet & TSN Switching

Network Interfaces / TSN

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At the eve of the IoT, embedded computers must be able to fulfill complex network infrastructure, mixing wired and wireless connectivity. Kontron relies on many years in the field to offer the most appropriate solutions, adapted to each industry segment.

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IoT Software & Services

SUSiEtec IoT Framework

Piecing together the Edge and the Cloud Puzzle

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Standard Software

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IoT Systems

Edge Computer

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Fog Computer

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