3U VPX Intel® Core™ i7 Single Board Computer
  • Intel® Core™ i7-2655LE 2.2GHz, four Threads, Intel® HD Graphics
  • VXFabric™ Option for Computing Nodes
  • Supporting Safety Critical Applications
  • Long Term Supply Program
  • Turnkey Development Platforms
  • Windows ES 7, Linux, VxWorks, PikeOS

3U VPX 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Single Board Computer

VX3035 is based on the second generation of the Intel® Core™ i7 processor. Integrating the Intel® Core™ i7 2655LE processor, Intel® HD graphics and features such as Intel® Turbo Boost technology and Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX), the new 3U VPX CPU board defines a new performance class for SWaP (size, weight and power) optimized high-performance embedded computing applications.


CPU Intel® Core™ i7 2655LE
Controller Intel® QM67 controller hub
Cooling Standard Air-, Rugged Air- or Rugged Conduction-cooled versions
CPU Clock 2.20 GHz
CPU L2 Cache 4M Cache
Operating System Windows Embedded Standard 7, Linux, VxWorks, PikeOS
Standard VPX VITA 46, OpenVPX VITA65, VPX REDI VITA 48.
Graphics High performance 3D graphics controller integrated in the processor
Ethernet 3 x GbE, 2 1000BASE-BX with Intel i82580 Ethernet controller (rear), One 1000BASE-T with i82579 (front or rear, BIOS option)
Watchdog FPGA-based, timeout ranging from 1s to 510s, IRQ, Reset, dual-stage
DRAM Up to 8 GB dual Channel 1333 SDRAM with ECC
Fabric Interface Support Support of Kontron VXFabric™



VX3035 Datasheet
[ datasheet_vx3035.pdf, 1.15 mb, Aug 31, 2017 ]

VME-VPX shortform catalog
[ shortform-vme-vpx-05-2018.pdf, 2.17 mb, May 16, 2018 ]

Kontron Modular Computers S.A.S. Service and Support Offering
This data sheet contains a detailed description of all the support and service offering from Kontron Modular Computers S.A.S, including the Long Term Supply (LTS) Services.
[ support-brochure-03-2018.pdf, 0.85 mb, Jun 28, 2018 ]


VX3035 User's Guide [restrictions apply]
[ cadta95-4e-vx3035-ug.pdf, 3.44 mb, Sep 11, 2017 ]

VX3035-PBIT User's Guide [restrictions apply]
[ sddtg08-2e-vx3035-pbit.pdf, 0.4 mb, Sep 11, 2017 ]

VX3035 - AMI BIOS User Reference Manual [restrictions apply]
[ sddtf97-9e-vx3035-bios.pdf, 5.89 mb, Sep 11, 2017 ]

EZ3-VX3035 Quick Start [restrictions apply]
[ sddtf95-ez3-vx3035.pdf, 0.15 mb, Sep 11, 2017 ]

EZ3-VX3035 Getting Started [restrictions apply]
[ sddtg05-ez3-vx3035.pdf, 0.6 mb, Sep 11, 2017 ]

VX3035 Hardware API Manual [restrictions apply]
Certification artifact for VX3035. This document lists the VX3035 chipset registers settings and meaning, post BIOS initialization. Can also be used for PBIT and prelaunch tests in safety critical hypervisors and OSes.
[ vx3035-hwapi-ft.dt.942-4e.pdf, 1.53 mb, Sep 11, 2017 ]

PB-VX3-4xx -3U-VPX Rear Transition Module User's Guide [restrictions apply]
[ cadtb03-0e-pb-vx3-4xx.pdf, 1.07 mb, Sep 11, 2017 ]


BIOS For VX3035 (ID16182) [restrictions apply]
[ vx305x_id16182.bin, 16 mb, Sep 12, 2016 ]

White Papers

VXFabric White Paper [restrictions apply]
[ whitepaper_en_vxfabric-v2-final.pdf, 5.6 mb, Nov 27, 2013 ]

Release Notes

VX3035 Hardware Release Notes [restrictions apply]
[ cadta96-6e-vx3035-hrn.pdf, 0.41 mb, Jul 3, 2018 ]

VXFabric Release Notes for VX6060, VX3035, VX3042 & VX3044 [restrictions apply]
[ sddtg18-0e-vxfabric-vx6060-vx3035-42-44.pdf, 0.25 mb, Jul 3, 2018 ]

PB-VX3-4xx Hardware Release Notes [restrictions apply]
[ cadtb04-0e-pb-vx3-4xx-hrn.pdf, 0.46 mb, Jul 3, 2018 ]

Release Notes Fedora 16 on VX304x, VX3035, VM6050, VM6052 and VM6054 [restrictions apply]
[ sddtg11-10e-fedora16.pdf, 1.71 mb, Jul 3, 2018 ]

VxWorks 6.9 on VX3035 Release Notes [restrictions apply]
[ sddtg24-0e-vxworks6-9-vx3035-rn.pdf, 0.29 mb, Jul 3, 2018 ]

Release Notes Fedora 14 [restrictions apply]
[ sddtf82-3e-fedora14-vm6050-vx6060-30-35.pdf, 0.83 mb, Jul 3, 2018 ]

Fedora 25 for VME / VPX Boards [restrictions apply]
[ sddtg53-2e-fedora25.pdf, 0.7 mb, Jul 3, 2018 ]


Live CD Fedora16 (64bits) for VM6050 VX3035 VX3042 VX3044 (Release Candidate)  [restrictions apply]
Live CD Fedora16 (64bits) for VM6050 VX3035 VX3042 VX3044 (64 bits)
[ 2863_fedora_16_x86_64_livedvd_for_vx304x_vm6050_vx3035_13049.iso, 834.47 mb, Jun 25, 2015 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 0.37 mb, Nov 19, 2015 ]


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