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40 years of EXCELLENCE in embedded computing technology


Kontron France has more than 40 years of know-how in the development of embedded computers for the aeronautics, defense and rail market segments. Today, our skills extend to digital security, Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Providing cutting-edge embedded technology is a priority. This is why Kontron is continuously investing in innovation and taking actively part in the local ecosystem (business & technology clusters, partner SMEs, research organizations).

highlight products 2020


3U VPX board integrating a 12-core Intel® Xeon® D processor


3U VPX board with a quad-core ARM® A72 (NXP Layerscape LS1046) processor

Advantage: 40 Gbit Ethernet
data plane
Advantage: perfect fit for long term applications requesting low power consumption 


Multi-core computer (8-core Intel® Xeon® D) designed for  ultra-rugged environments 


Rugged computer compatible with EN50155 for videosurveillance applications, based on Intel® Core™i7-6600U ou Core™i3-6100U

Advantage: a very short "time-to-market" to deploy a new 10GB architecture Advantage: up to 16 TB storage capacity


The newest product from TRACe product family
integrating Intel® Atom™ x5- E3940 processor


Computer compatible with EN50155 based on Intel Atom® E3900 series or 6th gen Intel® Core™ i7/i3

Advantage : 19" 1.5U format with an easy integration into existing installations Advantage: compact format with easy customization and modularity



skills and expertise for the most demanding requirements

Digital security based on secure elements 

Kontron offers a comprehensive approach to security with both hardware- and software-based solutions: integrity protection of system software, confidentiality of external communications, application software and data protection (copy protection, application integrity, pay per use, ...).

These security modules are available on all VPX and VME boards and systems as well as on TRACe computers.

  • More information on SEC-LINE security product line
  • Read the Application note and discover how standard hardware security mechanisms on COTS CPU boards can be leveraged to build a distributed security scheme with critical  keys  stored  in  distinct  secure  elements.

at the forefront of ‘Edge Computing’

With Kontron SEC-Line approach, our latest products integrate a firmware that solves connectivity and security problems while letting customers in complete control of their operational software and data.

Kontron SEC-Line also includes a modular and flexible software toolkit delivered as a Virtual Machine image, allowing ultra-secure remote fleet management.

our projects


Ultra-rugged mission computer for unmanned applications

Connected devices monitor water quality in French Polynesia thanks to a LoRaWAN compatible IoT gateway

COTS 6U VPX board selected for a RADAR program

Kontron deploys LoRaWAN™ at 300 km/h in Thalys trains



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