Approtect - Kontron Security Solution

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The Kontron Security Solution (KSS) is a holistic hardware based security solution that provides customers with the ability to address security needs at the application layer. This cost effective and proven turn-key solution is integrated into every Kontron design. Customers can easily upgrade old systems or use an existing Kontron system. Customers may also customize the solution to meet their specific needs.

Traditional security mechanisms in the x86 world are typically based an TPM. Such mechanisms secure the whole boot chain which causes immense efforts during the development. These efforts begin with the hardware manufacturing process moving into deploying operating systems as well as the support efforts involved with the exchange or extension of keys and their cost. ln most cases, it makes more sense to establish "security" around the actual applications. So by establishing a trustworthy environment on the application level, we can guarantee security, even in an unsecure system.

Features include:                                                                

  • Copy Protection
  • IP Protection
  • Protection from reverse engineering and tampering


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