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Innovative Web Panels with scalable performance
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  • Capacitive multitouch
  • Display sizes: 7.0", 10.1" and 15.6"
  • IP65 aluminium front bezel, optional stainless steel
  • Stainless steel housing
  • HTML-5 Chromium based or MicroBrowser
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The Web Panels are characterized by an attractive design, IPS displays with high resolution in 7", 10.1" and 15.6", brightness and capacitive multitouch technology as well as scalable processor performance based on Single- or Dual-Core Arm® NXP i.MX6 processors. They feature a rugged touch screen in an aluminium or stainless steel frame and are specifically designed for use in industrial environments. In the standard version, the Panel PCs are intended for installation in control cabinets or consoles and exhibit IP65 protection on the front side.

The Web Panels visualize HTML5 content via a performance-optimized browser based on Chromium and are suitable for flexible visualizations on devices and machines as well as in building automation or infotainment. Alternatively they are available with the slim Micro-Browser from iniNet, which enables shortest reaction times for PLC controls with an integrated web server from CODESYS.

Thanks to the robust design and the possibility of deployment in temperatures from 0°C to 55°C, the panels are ideally suited for use in industrial environments. The modular design allows easy adaptation to customer-specific requirements.



WP Web Panel_20191106_datasheet
[ wp-web-panel_20191106_datasheet.pdf, 387.44 KB, Nov.06.2019 ]


Rev. 0B, 03. April 2020
[ system-manual_902080b_en_2020-04-03.pdf, 2 MB, Apr.07.2020 ]

Web Panel_WP-70_902050A_EN_2019-11-18
[ web-panel_wp-70_902050a_en_2019-11-18.pdf, 3.4 MB, Nov.19.2019 ]

Web Panel_WP-101_902060A_EN_2019-11-18
[ web-panel_wp-101_902060a_en_2019-11-18.pdf, 3.28 MB, Nov.19.2019 ]

Web Panel_WP-156_902070a_en_2019-11-18
[ web-panel_wp-156_902070a_en_2019-11-18.pdf, 3.25 MB, Nov.19.2019 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ 0_0096_4370_v2_2_d_e_2019-10-15.pdf, 111.84 KB, Oct.29.2019 ]

Tech Spec Sheet

[ techspecs-hmi_nov19_web.pdf, 852.12 KB, Nov.27.2019 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 390.7 KB, Sep.06.2019 ]


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