Starterkits, Evaluation Boards and Reference Carrier

Starterkits are complete care-free kits packaged in a single case. They give you a head start: Starterkits include an Evaluation Board which provides an easy plug-in of COM Express® modules and line-up many connectors and jacks.

Evaluation Boards minimize installation requirements and reduce dramatically design time. They help to control and cut-back pre-market costs. Evaluation boards are recommended for testing in every design-in.

Starterkits, Evaluation Boards and Reference Carrier

COMe Eval Carrier2 T6

COM Express® Eval Carrier2 Type 6 with 5mm COMe connector

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COMe Ref.Carrier–i T6 TMI New

COM Express® Reference Carrier Type 6 for industrial temperature

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COMe Eval Carrier2 T10

COM Express® Evaluation Carrier Type 10

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