FRMCS Whitepaper

Spectrum and Migration Strategies

GSM-R to FRMCS migration strategy by Kontron Transportation

A ticket to FRMCS

GSM-R was standardized at the end of the 1990’s. The FRMCS standard launch began in the early 2020s to allow the evolution of GSM-R to 5G.

The current GSM-R based railway systems are mainly focused on voice communication and railway signaling needs. With FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System), built on 5G and MCX technologies defined by 3GPP, they will evolve towards higher degrees of automation, integrate video capabilities and offer more flexibility in terms of throughput and latency, especially for signaling and control aspects.

We propose, through this white paper, to help railway players to lead the transition they have to make in the coming decade. Beyond the long and boring presentation of the main 3GPP technologies selected for the new system, this document highlights two key points: spectrum and migration strategies and tries to answer the question: “ What could be reasonably envisaged to move smoothly from a 2G railway world to another one being more 5G ?”

You have a GSM-R network, you dream of FRMCS, Kontron Transportation makes your dreams come true.

Long Live the FRMCS !

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