Enterprise SDN / NFV solution

Key benefits of our SDN/NFV portfolio include:



We help you retire costly, complex legacy network components and migrate to lower-cost, standards-based, virtualized infrastructure.


Our solutions help you to bring new, revenue-generating services to market faster and to create compelling service bundles that include fixed, mobile and Wi-Fi services.

Vendor independent

We select the right solutions for your organization based on your specific technology and business needs – not our own business interests.

Open and flexible

We follow open design principles, allowing you to swap out infrastructure components easily – preventing vendor lock-in and promoting innovation.


We are able to deliver SDN/NFV projects end to end, from initial planning, analysis and definition of network requirements, implementation and ongoing management.

Fully tested

We test SDN/NFV solutions in our lab to ensure they integrate easily with existing infrastructure and perform optimally in the live environment.


Key solutions in the portfolio include:



Our uCPE solutions replace physical hardware at customer sites with virtualised functions at the network edge. As well as reducing costs, new, revenue-generating services can be configured and delivered remotely.


With SD-WAN, we help you to complement legacy network infrastructure with business Ethernet services that dramatically reduce the costs for bandwidth extension and improve QoS.


In our hyperconnected world, stand-alone protective technologies, such as firewalls, anti-virus, application-level security and others are no longer enough. To address this challenge, we provide holistic security solutions that span all network layers and access points, paired with comprehensive consultancy services, minimising risks across the full range of cybersecurity threats, from denial of service attacks and network intrusion, to subscriber fraud.



The major advantage of SD-WAN is that it allows organisations to reduce their OPEX by replacing their MPLS and IP-VPN connections with business broadband-type services like DSL. This can help to dramatically reduce equipment and management requirements and costs, while maintaining or even increasing the quality of the user's experience. With the option to replace traditional network connections and to collapse networking devices into virtualised appliances - SD-WAN delivers three key ways to reduce operating costs.

As well as the three-pronged cost savings, SD-WAN also dramatically increases network flexibility, with the ability to scale bandwidth up (and down) according to the demands of user applications. Additionally, new cloud-based services can be added with a few clicks of the mouse, ensuring that the network never slows innovation.
SD-WAN also makes it easier and less expensive to connect branch offices. Connections can be set up with minimal on-site equipment and minimal configuration, which means remote offices can be up and running faster and at much lower cost - with no specialist on-site IT support needed.

Finally, but just as importantly, SD-WAN enables enterprises to prioritise their business-critical applications and workloads, with no performance penalties caused by backhaul traffic hitting the data centre. This ensures that the end-user experience is always excellent - even if SLAs are officially lower than equivalent MPLS/IP-VPN connections.


Why Kontron for SD-WAN?

With in-depth knowledge of NFV, systems integration, telecommunications systems and IT, Kontron has the knowledge and skills needed to ensure success for global SD-WAN deployments. As an independent network virtualisation expert, Kontron puts innovation back in the hands of network owners. This means you can evolve your network without limits, quickly adding everything from new voice services to the latest security technologies. Moreover, an independent network expert can help clients to plan, design and implement an 'open', multi-vendor network strategy, while providing a single-point-of-contact. This translates as a strong potential for cost reduction coming from minimising project risks & complexity.

To deliver all of these compelling benefits for our clients, Kontron is partnering with SD-WAN industry leaders who bring best-in-class SD-WAN logic and functionality. Kontron leverages our end-to-end expertise in network design and integration to make your network smart, robust and future proof.


Kontron delivers comprehensive security solutions that minimise the attack surface of your physical or virtualised network infrastructure; ensure your critical systems and data are protected; and help you meet local and international regulatory requirements.


Key benefits of our security solutions include:



We deploy holistic security solutions that protect all elements of your infrastructure, including your connections and content, from malicious attacks.

Low latency

Based on network security solutions that use hardware-accelerated processing and ultra-low-latency connections to maintain the highest levels of network performance and user experience.


We use low-power security appliances to help you minimise energy consumption and costs.


We offer stand-out security innovations, including the industry’s leading Deep Packet Application Security solution for mission-critical utilities, IoT and industrial networks, such as SCADA networks.


Our security portfolio includes:


Comprehensive security solutions

Introduce best-of-breed solutions that cover multiple elements of network security including physical and virtual firewalls, denial of service prevention, anti-virus, anti-spam, and more. We conduct an in-depth security assessment to understand your network vulnerabilities and implement holistic security solutions to minimise the risk of data.

Fraud management solutions

Our anti-fraud solutions use data analytics technologies to identify and prevent subscriber payment fraud or other undesired behaviors in your network and to prevent related financial losses. As a result, you will also spare your network resources to perform as they were designed to.


Our services range from analysis, consulting, design, integration, installation and training, to the maintenance and operation of entire networks.

Enterprise SDN / NFV solution

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