SUSiEtec IoT Toolset

Digitalization requires often a combination of software, hardware and competence. With the SUSiEtec toolset we provide holistic approach for equipment suppliers and manufacturers realizing a digital transformation. We help companies by understanding, qualifying, approaching and targeting the world of IIOT and digitalization by using the right tools from the SUSiEtec

With the hardware solutions from Kontron we provide a broad set of devices for all kind of applications and use cases. We help you to understand the potentials of the different options and by choosing the right products in regards of cost and functionality. By adding software products and solutions we utilize hardware functionality and make them smart. The Kontron software products enable equipment suppliers to build smarter machines, develop service and after-sales with new business models, and incidentally create sustainable customer loyalty.



Digital service solution for medium-sized mechanical and equipment engineering

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Your Software Solution for System Control

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FabEagle® Monitoring

Transparency and Efficiency for your production

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FabEagle® LC

Line Controller - The intelligent head of your production

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FabEagle® Connect

Enables Configurable Connectivity of Interfaces in Manufacturing and IT

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Openess, flexibility and easy integration

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