ETX® Eval

ETX®-Eval, ATX 大小 ETX® 开发板
  • ATX主板外形,4个PCI插槽,3个ISA插槽
  • PS/2键盘/鼠标接口
  • 2个2.54mm/40针的IDE接口
  • 2个2.54mm/34针软驱接口
  • 2个并口,4个串口
  • VGA CRT接口
  • 支持 LCD的JILI接口
  • 10/100BaseT以太网接口
  • Line in/out, Microphone, 喇叭(3.5mm插座)
  • 4个USB端口
  • 2个7段LED
  • IrDA接口
  • 喇叭接口
  • 复位按钮
  • AT和ATX电源接头
  • 温度: 运行温度 -5°C to 70°C; 存储温度 -10°C to 85°C
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ETX® Eval开发板,即一块ATX底板,可实现所有用户的要求。除了具备一些典型的接口如硬盘,软驱,2个并口和4个串口外,还提供一个RJ45 以太网口和2个USB端口。底板焊接了ATX和AT电源接头和喇叭麦克风底插座,并且可通过4个PCI和3个ISA插槽进行扩展。提供标准的FFC LVDS平板显示接口,无需定制LVDS的电缆适配板。底板上焊接的ETX模组接插槽用于连接不同性能的ETX CPU板,从Geode到Intel Pentium M。ETXeval是评估ETX CPU板的一款理想的开发板,甚至在目标系统完成之前,软件和应用开发就可以提前开始。


Ethernet 10/100 MBit from Module (RJ45) and onboard 10/100/1000 MBit Intel® LAN (RJ45)
Form Factor ATX form factor, four PCI slots, three ISA slots
Mouse PS/2 mouse connector
Keyboard PS/2 keyboard connector
Hard Disk 2 x IDE ports
1 x FDD port
Serial 2 x Serial ports (DSUB9 male)
Parallel Port 1 x Parallel port (DSUB25 female)
Panel signal 1 x DSUB 15 VGA connector
1 x Dual Channel LVDS connector JILI (depending on module)
Audio Stereo Line in / out 3,5 mm jack-plug
USB 4 x USB Ports, 2 on 4pin USB A connector and 2 on internal pin header
Power Supply 20 pol. ATX power connector and BabyAT power supply
Temperature Operation: 0° to 60°C
Storage: -25° to 85°C
* Ask about extended temperature ranges
Humidity 93% relative Humidity at 40°C, non-condensing
(according to IEC 60068-2-78)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 166 mm x 130 mm
PCI 4 x PCI slots
ISA 3 x ISA slots
Expansion 1 x PCI slot 32 Bit
Single PC-Card slot, 32 bit with ejector



ETX® Eval‚ Datasheet
Datsheet for ETX® Evaluation Board
[ datasheet_etx-eval.pdf, 959.45 KB, Aug.31.2017 ]


ETX® eval board‚ short Reference
[ ada8k117.pdf, 331.65 KB, Sep.11.2017 ]

General Safety Instruction
[ general-safety-instructions.pdf, 560.72 KB, Jan.04.2021 ]


ETX Thermal Management
[ thermalmgt_v002rkf_6.pdf, 268.64 KB, Nov.27.2013 ]

ETX® Design Guide, Rev. 2.4
Kontron Design Guide for ETX® Modules, Document Revision 2.4
[ etxdesignguide124.pdf, 915.99 KB, Nov.26.2020 ]

ETX® Specification V3.02
Specification for ETX® Modules, V. 3.02
[ etxspecv3.02.pdf, 482.98 KB, Nov.26.2020 ]

Case Study: UL Certified COMs Deliver Quality
[ wp_ul_2007.pdf, 137.82 KB, Jun.26.2020 ]


Application Story German
[ saw-tobaccoland_dt.pdf, 714.77 KB, Nov.27.2013 ]

Computer On Modules Magazine - 2007
With high scalability and Value-Add Service for your customized solution
[ computer_on_modules_brochure2007.pdf, 7.01 MB, Nov.27.2013 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 8.9 MB, Dec.17.2020 ]

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ETX® Eval
ETX® Eval ETX®-Eval, ATX 大小 ETX® 开发板 more
ETX®-CD Computer on Modules (COMs) are highly integrated component SBCs that support system expansion and application-specific customization  
ETX®-DC ETX®-DC 基于 Intel® Atom™ N270, 1.6 GHz, 512 kb L2 缓存, 24 bit LVDS more
ETX®-LX ETX®-LX 使用 AMD® Geode™ LX800 500 MHz 处理器及 CS5536芯片组 more
ETX®-CN8 使用VIA C7® 1.5Ghz 处理器 CN896 芯片组
- Available Q1 / 2008


KAB-ADAPT-LVDS Evaluation Board to adapt LVDS flatpanels via JILI cable. more
ETX Mounting Kit 3mm
ETX Mounting Kit 3mm ETX Mounting Kit 3mm  



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