Kontron susietec® Connect IoT bundle: KBox A-250 Industrial Computer Platform with FabEagle®Connect integration solution

Kontron susietec® Connect IoT bundle: KBox A-250 Industrial Computer Platform with FabEagle®Connect integration solution

Powerful gateway for digitalization reduces programming effort in the Smart Factory and shortens commissioning through simple configuration

Ismaning, November 3, 2022 - Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), is bringing more speed to the networking of Smart Factories with the susietec® IoT bundle. With the solution, machine operators benefit from a significantly simplified connection of their existing machines and systems to IT systems. Specialized knowledge is not required for the integration of machines or even IoT devices. Standards such as OPC UA, REST, MQTT, TCP/IP, PLC S7 or Modbus are supported.
Up to now, companies often have to contend with a high degree of complexity when networking their machinery and plant. For example, different sensors each have manufacturer-specific interfaces, which leads to considerable integration effort. Machine builders can use the bundle to make their products IoT-ready: common IoT and Industry 4.0 standard interfaces are integrated and commissioning is shortened by simple configuration.
FabEagle®Connect relies on the low-code principle and ensures that interfaces can simply be configured rather than programmed. Once configurations have been created, they can be used again and again and easily adapted. The hardware basis is the KBox A-250 industrial computer platform, which is based on a cost-optimized, fanless pITX-2.5" single-board computer with Intel Atom® X-E39xx processor. The KBox is therefore an optimized IoT gateway for edge analytics, data acquisition and remote monitoring. Optionally it supports WiFi, GSM and LTE.
Make it easier to deliver new data-driven services

The IoT bundle is particularly suitable as a foundation for getting started with or scaling machine learning, AI and analytics such as predictive maintenance and predictive control. Relevant data for IIoT applications comes from a variety of sources such as machine control systems and bus systems in the OT world, but also from software systems and subsequently introduced sensors or cloud systems.

FabEagle®Connect helps to process and combine this data on one platform in a meaningful way. For latency and security reasons, machine data must often first be pre-processed at the edge and made available for different applications in hybrid infrastructures. The platform serves as middleware that caches data, for example to enrich it with timestamps, aggregate it or convert it. This is an important prerequisite for making information usable and comparable for data analytics. Code components for custom logic in C#, the conversion of CSV data to JSON and vice versa, and the ability to puffer data all help with data processing.


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