Our values and culture

Our corporate culture makes our company valuable.
Our corporate culture is our competitive advantage.
An advantage that can be "defended".

Our company's size and its organizational structure make for efficient communication, decisive decision-making and cooperation. For our employees this means varied activities and attractive task areas where they can make a personal contribution and develop in freedom.

Mutual respect, appreciation, trust and the recognition of each individual's experience and achievements - these are the most important values for us.

Our corporate culture focuses on:

  • A helpful and considerate attitude towards colleagues, team spirit and openness
  • Respectful and friendly way in which we deal with each other
  • Promotion of each and every employee's talents
  • Flat hierarchies and a cooperative management style


Our culture and values form the basis of our activity, and also make us what we are:

  • A multicultural company that strives for a joint objective despite its diversity
  • A company with unique employees who all act in accordance with shared values
  • An interesting employer for all individuals who are seeking a motivating and high-caliber
    working environment, and who appreciate a trusting atmosphere



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