Our principles

We keep clearly defined objectives in mind:

We aim to be better than our competitors.
We wish to establish customer relationships that are based on long-term partnership.
We aim to exceed our customers' expectations and expand our success in the future.

We orientate ourselves towards certain principles in order to achieve our objectives. These principles form the basis for our work and success. We can only enjoy long-term success as a company if we act according to these principles.

Absolutely customer-orientation

Our customers always form the focus of our actions.
Our aim is to generate customer enthusiasm, and ensure that our clients invest the greatest possible trust in us.

Expertise and excellence

Our employees command broad specialist knowledge. At the same time they are also experts in their respective areas.
They ensure that our products are of excellent quality.

Top performance

All of our employees are ready to achieve top performance in order to satisfy our customers' stringent demands.

Capacity to change

Based on continuous learning, intellectual agility and constant further development, our staff members are always at the cutting edge and ready to respond to changes in the commercial world - and achieve excellent results.


Our customers and partners can rely on us, because we deliver what we promise.

Respect and trust

Respectful cooperation precedes everything we do. Respect for our customers, partners and colleagues - irrespective of hierarchical level. This creates trust and a good working climate.


Above and beyond national boundaries, we always work in a way that is supporting and considerate towards colleagues. We share our experience and know-how, and provide each other with mutual support and motivation.


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