Akermann Electronic Praha, s.r.o.

Akermann Electronic Praha, s.r.o.

Partner for Mobile Computer Solutions & Modular Computers in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Email: info@akermann.cz
Website: www.akermann.cz
Akermann Electronic Praha, s.r.o.

Import and distribution of electronic components is the main activity of our company and we offer large portfolio of products and producers. We offer complete project support by application engineers. We keep stock of electronic components.  


We offer complete IT solution for harsh environment and application such as   military, industry, automation and transportation. Our main products are industrial boards  (SBC, COMe, CompactPCI, etc...), rugged notebooks, HMI panels, Box PC and rackmount solutions.

Product Focus

  • AdvancedMC
  • CompactPCI
  • CompactPCI Serial
  • Computer-on-Modules
  • HMI
  • Industrial Computer
  • Motherboards
  • Rack Mount Systems
  • VME
  • VPX
  • Monitors
  • Panel PC

Industry Focus

  • Automation
  • Infotainment
  • Transportation
  • Defense
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