Pentium® II Processors Power High Performance Single Board Computer Upgrade Solution

SAN DIEGO, CA - February 1, 1999, ICS Advent, formerly Industrial Computer Source, announces the new SB686BX Series of single-board computers (SBC) for an easy upgrade to Pentium® II processor performance for older ISA and newer PICMG-compliant passive backplane industrial PCs. The 12 models in the series come with or without an AGP video graphics controller, and offer six different processor speeds from 266MHz to 450MHz for the full range of basic to high-end application performance needs.
All SB686BX series SBCs include the Intel® 440BX AGP chip set, Ultra/DMAIDE drive controllers, keyboard and mouse controllers, an enhanced parallel port, dual standard serial ports, dual USB ports and cabling, and up to 256MB of RAM. Models with the onboard AGP video controller also provide 8MB of video DRAM for PCI video performance without requiring another card expansion slot. Other standard features include:

Pentium II processors CPU support 350, 400, 450MHz clock speeds,100MHz system bus
Celeron processor CPU support 266, 300, 333MHz clock speeds,66MHz system bus
All peripheral controllers may be disabled by BIOS
Floppy controller supports 360K through 1.44MB floppy drives
128KB or 512KB of onboard L2 cache, depending on processor selected
Full support for year 2000 and leap year date functions
ICS Advent is the industrys leading value-added manufacturer of quality PC-compatible industrial computers, I/O and networking. All hardware products from ICS Advent are covered by a 2-year warranty. For further technical information, contact a sales applications engineer or dial 1-800-677-7329 for an index of available fax-on-demand datasheets. Price: Consult FactoryThe Model SB686BXAvailability / Delivery: Now/Stock to one week ARO per user requirements

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