Kontron launches SUSiEtec IoT Platform integrated with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge in US, other products to follow

Kontron launches SUSiEtec IoT Platform integrated with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge in US, other products to follow

Hybrid, scalable approach to IoT Scenarios enables Industry 4.0 and Machine Learning-driven concepts

Augsburg, October 2, 2018 – Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computer Technology (ECT), and its sister company S&T Technologies GmbH, subsidiaries of the Austria-based technology group S&T AG, today announced the availability of SUSiEtec in the US market. With the flexible SUSiEtec platform, S&T Technologies offers an end-to-end IoT solution that enables customers to build scalable edge computing solutions with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Services. Early field trial phases have taken place with customers. Kontron has chosen Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform for IoT solutions.

SUSiEtec was launched at embedded world at the end of February 2018. In IoT scenarios, it acts as a flexible IoT middleware in between devices and the cloud, translating protocols, filtering data, and processing them on premises. The platform takes care of the analysis and processing of data incurred. SUSiEtec lifts the traditional boundaries between data acquisition, data processing, and data provisioning, enabling the integration of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology). SUSiEtec comes fully integrated with Kontron’s gateway-, fog computing-, and server products, many of which are already Azure Certified for IoT

With a shortage of skilled employees for hybrid IoT environments, there is great demand for flexible solutions that allow integrating existing applications into the cloud. SUSiEtec addresses this demand by providing an end-to-end application-ready IoT platform. 

SUSIEtec Use Cases demonstrate business value
Some S&T Group customers are already using SUSiEtec, where SUSiEtec provides a number of tangible benefits:

  • Predictive maintenance, reducing downtime throughout the entire process 
  • Real-time monitoring using the right resource at the right time 
  • Asset tracking, providing more accurate TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)  
  • System optimization through hybrid approach enabling mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party services with orchestration between platforms
  • Self-service BI tools for various departments from sales to solution designers
  • Smarter products and services through machine learning and data science support
  • Accelerated response times by using Azure IoT Edge 

Laurent Remont, CTO of S&T Group: "We offer comprehensive Microsoft Azure IoT Edge integration and customization services based on SUSiEtec to our customers. Together, we provide to our customers seamless computing power scalability between the device's computing resource, the on-premise data center's Embedded Cloud, or the public cloud. Depending on the security or performance level required, users can dynamically decide where data analysis will be handled. We perceive great interest in Azure IoT Edge and our SUSiEtec IoT platform - especially from customers from the Smart Manufacturing and Smart Energy sectors."

Oliver Niedung, IoT Principal Solution Specialist at Microsoft: "With SUSiEtec S&T Technologies' customers can flexibly transform their businesses by implementing IoT Edge projects very quickly. Microsoft Azure IoT Edge brings highly secure, local data analysis and artificial intelligence to devices and machines without permanent cloud connectivity. This means that data analysis can run on IoT devices even if they are not permanently connected to the internet. This accelerates response times and saves time and money by transferring only the relevant data to the cloud. In addition, already existing systems can be securely integrated."

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