Kontron adds TRACe B40x-TR platform to its comprehensive line of TRACe™ EN50155-certified transportation computers

Kontron adds TRACe B40x-TR platform to its comprehensive line of TRACe™ EN50155-certified transportation computers

Augsburg, Germany, September 17, 2018 – Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computer Technology (ECT), today expands its TRACe family of operational computers designed specifically for the railway market: The Kontron TRACe-B40x-TR, a EN50155 certified fanless generic platform, features the latest Intel® Atom E3900 series processors and 6th Generation Intel® Core processors. The first released variant is the Kontron TRACe-B404-TR, based on the Intel® Atom x5-E3940 quad-core @ 1.6 GHz high performance per watt processor, with 8 GB DDR3L memory and 32 GB SLC eMMC Flash.

"Our customers in the railway industry are requesting COTS certified platforms that can be quickly customized and deployed in a safe way for the next decades. Our answer is the new Kontron TRACe-B404-TR rugged EN50155 computer, featuring the latest Intel® Atom E3940 quad-core processor with 15-year life time. Kontron TRACe-B404-TR has already been selected by international key players for their passenger infotainment, and train control and monitoring system solutions," said Alain Spors, Sales Director at Kontron.

TRACe offers a range of rugged and flexible railway computers for integrators and system designers to easily customize and rapidly deploy specialized applications and new infrastructures. Already field-proven in operation worldwide, the TRACe product line addresses the broadest range of modern, connected rolling stock applications through easily customizable, EN50155 pre-certified (EMC, EMI, climatic, shock, and vibrations), application-oriented computer profiles - allowing multiple applications to run on the same platform, such as video surveillance, recording, and distribution (storage, processing), passenger infotainment systems, train control & monitoring systems, train-to-ground communications, asset management, and predictive maintenance.

The Kontron TRACe family benefits from the inherent flexibility advantages of Kontron's COM Express® Computer-on-Module (COM), featuring the Intel® Atom E3940 (quad-core up to 1.80 GHz) up to the Intel® Core i7 6600-U (dual-core up to 3.4Ghz) performance class processor in the same form factor. These platforms feature high performance density and low power consumption in a small footprint, low profile design that offers integrators higher flexibility in terms of the number of available I/O. The family also provides long-term support by design based on its modularity and seamless technology insertion of the processor, storage, I/O. and power supply unit.

All Kontron's TRACe transportation computing platforms integrate advanced health management tools. Equipped with a dedicated microcontroller to monitor all functions, TRACe enables operators to permanently, continuously and independently monitor and report the status of the application executed in parallel with normal operations. This health management unit is fully integrated in the CMON-Line Monitoring module by Kontron, offering a turnkey, extensible and data centric solution for local or remote computer health monitoring. This makes TRACe ideally suited for fleet management of a large number of units in the field. Its health management tools enable operators to monitor the entire fleet to better manage and anticipate maintenance, reduce turn-around times, and increase the overall availability of the units.

The Kontron TRACe B40x-TR in detail
New Kontron TRACe B40x-TR is an EN50155 compliant fanless transportation computer platform, specifically designed for rolling stock application where high processing capacity, low consumption, robustness and small size are needed to match system requirements. The first released variant is the Kontron TRACe B404-TR, based on Intel® Atom x5-E3940 quad-core @ 1.6 GHz high performance per watt processor with soldered 8 GB DDR3L memory and 32 GB SLC eMMC Flash. Other variants will be made available later, based on Inte Atom x7-E3950 quad-core @ 1.6 GHz, Intel® Core i3-6100U, or Intel® Core i7-6600U processors when higher performance is needed.

Kontron TRACe-B40x-TR has two independent networks (2x LAN with M12 connectors). It comes with an ultra-wide range power supply (from 24 VDC to 110 VDC nominal input voltage range, including tolerance range of +/- 40% required according to EN 50155, meaning a voltage range between 14,4 VDC and 154 VDC) adapted to all types of railway vehicles from light rail vehicles to high speed trains.

The front plate operational connectors are electrically insulated in compliance to EN50155 standard with lockable M12 connectors. The rear plate hosts standard connectors (display port, USB 3.0/2.0, serial line) for maintenance purposes and is protected from dust and water during operations with a cover plate. Thanks to its modularity, the TRACe-B40x-TR product also accommodates several optional wireless interfaces (such as Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, and GNSS), field busses (RS422/485, CAN, MVB, and others), SATA devices (up to two 2.5’’ SSD) and/or additional optional I/Os (such as DIOs, Audio, and USB) to match any railway applications such as on-board CCTV, entertainment/infotainment PIS, or TCMS. 

"The TRACe B40x-TR, our brand-new member of the TRACe family, will further expand the possibilities of applications dedicated to smart-train solutions," said Robert Negre, VP of Business Development at Kontron. "TRACe computer servers allow exceeding the current limits of intelligent rolling stock systems in terms of connectivity, performance, scalability, data analytics, and management, with a high level of reliability and robustness."

Samples of the Kontron TRACe B404-TR are available now. 

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