Kontron TRACe transportation products selected by Centum Adetel for infotainment/security system on major US railway line

Kontron TRACe transportation products selected by Centum Adetel for infotainment/security system on major US railway line

Passengers and rail operators benefit from advanced, field-proven technologies that provide real-time information and management for an informed, safe travel experience

Augsburg, Germany, October 9, 2017 Kontron, a leading global provider of Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), today announced that its TRACe transportation computing products have been chosen by Centum Adetel Transportation Solution (CATS) for its complete information solution. A leading system integrator of advanced embedded transportation systems, Centum Adetel Transportation Solution selected Kontron’s TRACe products based on their field-proven performance and COTS open architecture that can be easily adapted to the requirements of operations in the rail environment. The enhanced information, entertainment and security features enabled by Kontron TRACe products and Centum Adelel Transportation Solution’s complete communication system design benefit both operators and its passengers.

This cutting-edge solution has just been chosen to be deployed on the next generation of high-speed trains in the US Northeast Corridor, and on a new suburban train project in California. Using Kontron TRACe-V304-TR fanless Network Video Controllers and TRACe-G304 fanless Wireless Gateways, the system has been optimized to handle multiple sub-systems while maintaining a high degree of availability. Both are designed for harsh rail environments, where the Kontron TRACe-V provides high performance, high reliability and high capacity video recording data storage, and the TRACe-G is a certified Gateway enabling data connectivity to wayside back-office operation systems. The cohesive, total system from Centum Adetel provides many advantages. The operator will realize improved fleet information management, real-time information access and broadcast message priority management with hearing impaired assistance. Security is enhanced from a broad surveillance system that offers complete CCTV coverage. System maintenance is also simplified from a common interface for all equipment.

TRACe products support all infotainment and video surveillance sub-systems, which include a PIS (Passenger Information System) with LED and LCD displays and a VSS (Video Surveillance System) that supports multiple digital cameras with varying lens configurations and a large storage capacity. Also included in the Centum Adetel Transportation Solution system is a PAS/ICS (Public Address System/Intercom System) that delivers multiple peripheral functions such as an intercom, interior and exterior speakers and an inductive loop and handset for crew personal as well as an analog backup solution.

“We’ve developed a complete communications system that contributes to a well-informed and safe travel experience that makes rail travel much more attractive,” said Benoît Meynel, CEO at Centum Adetel Transportation Solution. “What better demonstration of the reliable, value-added features we integrate than to be installed on one of the most technically-advanced trains designed today. Using Kontron’s open-architecture products, the new Centum Adetel Transportation Solution system is future-proofed and fully certified to all rolling stock applications giving the operators peace-of-mind while helping them cut costs by using its existing infrastructure.”

“At Kontron, our proven experience puts us in a unique position to meet the increasing requirements of connected embedded transportation systems. We are committed to continued innovation of market-ready platforms that help customers such as Centum Adetel focus on what they do best, complex systems integration,” said Val Scinteie, Transportation Business Development Manager at Kontron. “We are thrilled to again partner with Centum Adetel to push rail information and security technology to the next level.”


For more detailed information on Kontron TRACe transportation computers, please visit: https://www.kontron.com/industries/transportation/products/trace-intelligent-transportation-computer

To learn more about Centum Adetel Transportation Solution railway solutions, please visit: www.centumadetel-ts.com




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About Kontron - An S&T Company

Kontron is a global leader in embedded computing technology (ECT). As a part of technology group S&T, Kontron offers a combined portfolio of secure hardware, middleware and services for Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 applications. With its standard products and tailor-made solutions based on highly reliable state-of-the-art embedded technologies, Kontron provides secure and innovative applications for a variety of industries. As a result, customers benefit from accelerated time-to-market, reduced total cost of ownership, product longevity and the best fully integrated applications overall.

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About Centum Adetel Transportation Solution

Centum Adetel Transportation Solution offers electronic and software solutions for the transportation industry, with two product lines:

- Information Management & Security: Passenger Information Systems (PIS), Video Surveillance, Public Address and Intercom, Ethernet Network, Automatic Passenger Counting (APC),

- Energy Storage & Conversion: Static Converters, Battery Chargers, Power Supplies, Energy Storage Modules or Systems, Auxiliary Conversion System.

The company has two excellence centers located in Lyon, France and in Montreal, Canada with 150 professionals. Since July 2016, Centum Adetel Transportation Solution is part of Centum group, with its 2200 employees and $150M turnover.

For more information, please visit: www.centumadetel-ts.com






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