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Embedded Box PCs

Kontron's Box PC series offers more than just one solution!

All embedded technology-based Box PCs provide a wide variety of connection possibilities which qualifies them for a large range of applications and various housing scenarios.

The cooling concept is a distinctive feature which makes the Kontron Box PCs' scope of application nearly infinite.

The high-performance Box PCs with active cooling are ideal for industrial applications as 'stand alone' solutions or integrated into cabinets. Fanless Box PCs with ULV processors based on Atom or PC104 technology are increasingly being used in different types of terminals with limited space or where cooling is not possible i. e. in POS or digital signage scenarios.
As with all other Kontron products, all the computers which come in the Box PC design fulfill the highest quality requirements for demanding applications.
Kontron's embedded Box PCs have all the customary certifications including EMC, extended temperature range, shock and vibration resistance, as well as special approvals like E1 or Railway and consequently provide unlimited potential for the transportation market.
Whether with active or passive cooling, embedded Box PCs are convincing due to their mature design, long-term availability and quality components and they ensure trouble-free application in the field.

Kontron Box PCs – a smart choice!

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