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AdvancedMCs, which range in size and can be integrated with various platforms, are the best choice when you need powerful computing power in a small form factor. Visit Kontron.com to learn more about the AMC, AdvancedMC products and their applications.


Producing its own line of AdvancedTCA hardware, Kontron helps clients identify the best ATCA platform configuration by validating, testing and customizing for integration with third party hardware in advance. Visit Kontron.com to learn more about our AdvancedTCA products, their benefits and their real world applications.

Boards & More

In business since 1992, Boards & More has been specializing in providing baseboard computer-on-module solutions to Kontron clients. Visit Kontron.com for a full inventory of Boards & More products and to learn how they're applied to the real world.


Kontron helps clients gain the competitive advantage by providing products like the 3U and 6U CompactPCI. This technology comes with a fast processor, commercial off-the-shelf hardware and a long product lifetime. Visit Kontron.com to learn more about the CompactPCI system and how it can benefit your business.


Kontron offers a Computer-On-Module (COM) designed to be compatible with a number of embedded applications in the automation, government, communication, medical and entertainment industries. Visit Kontron.com to learn more about computer on module industry standards such as the COM Express and the ETX module.

CRMS - Communications Rack Mount Servers

Kontron provides rack mount servers (CRMS) suited for multiple applications and available in 1U and 2U chassis. Visit Kontron.com to learn more about our CRMS technology and how it can be applied to improve your business.

HMI & Displays

The product line of HMIs (Panel PCs, Intelligent Displays) offers a wide range of processor capacities and display dimensions. Kontron’s industrial Panel PCs are ready-to-run systems assuring the compatibility of hardware and software.

Industrial PC

The Industrial PC products offered by Kontron come with a number of benefits including shock proof design, long life time support, the newest processor architecture and easy maintainability. System properties naturally include high reliability, best EMC values, temperature tolerance as well as resistance to shock and vibration, along with configuration according to individual needs and long product lifecycles of a minimum of 7 years.


MicroTCA is designed to address high communication bandwidth and process capabilities applicable for a number of industries including military, communications, medical and others. Visit Kontron.com to learn how this type of computing, a standard for systems based on Advanced Mezzanine Cards, can benefit your business.


A full spectrum of motherboards ranging from the Mini-ITX Motherboard to the Flex ATX Motherboard are available at Kontron. These motherboards, which serve the customer's needs in any platform, cover the embedded, basic and server markets. Visit kontron.com to view the full selection of motherboards available.

PC / 104

Up to date! Where design meets PC/104 MICROSPACE® Expertise, from PCIexpress- to classic ISA-bus – ensures that the requirements of tomorrow are covered with today’s technology. PC/104 are best suited for applications constrained by cost, size, weight, small to mid-quantities and where time-to-market is key. With our wide selection of peripherals combined with latest next gen boards and systems, you can benefit not only from our reputation for supplying quality, but also from extended lifecycle support.

Single Board Computers

Kontron helps customers gain a competitive advantage by providing products like Single Board Computers, designed to work right out of the box and thereby reducing product time to market. Offering four different families of SBC computers makes Kontron a leader in the technology solution industry. Visit Kontron.com to learn more about SBCs.


Kontron has not only been a global leader in providing VME technology, but we were an early pioneer of the VMEbus. Visit Kontron.com and learn why we are a global leader in the VME and other computing technology solutions.


The VPX, also known as the VITA 46, is a high performance embedded computer with a long technology cycle used in the transport, defense and aerospace industries. Visit Kontron.com to learn more about the various VPX systems we offer and how they can be used to improve your business.


Kontron provides clients with a series of Mezzanine Cards including the FMC, XMC and PMC modules. Visit Kontron.com for more information about our various technology offerings and how they can be applied to your business.

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