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Special trainings for Computer-on-Modules

The Kontron Academy offers Baseboard Design Trainings as well as Windows® CE / XP embedded Seminars. All trainings take place at our location in Deggendorf, Germany. Local sessions can be booked upon request.

  • COM Baseboard Design Training
  • incl. new COM Express® Rev 2 Type 6 and 10
  • Windows® CE / XP embedded Seminar
  • Local session upon request


COM Baseboard Design Training

The COM Baseboard Design Training is offered to OEM customers, Sales and Design Partners as a dedicated service to enhance their Kontron COM product knowledge. The COM Baseboard Design Training is held once per month. The training program is planned for one day and takes place at Kontron’s facility in Deggendorf, Germany, starting at 9 a.m. and ending approximately at 5 p.m.


Training topics:

  • Introduction COM concept with product highlights
  • Documentation, Specification, Support
  • New COM Express® Rev. 2: Type 6 and Type 10
  • General Layout Rules
  • Design Guide Lines
  • PCI / PCI Express Design
  • LCD Solution: “JILI” Cable Concept
  • Module Mounting
  • Thermal Design & Management
  • Open discussion


This agenda may be modified as necessary or upon request. For more detailed information, NDA's and Registration Forms please contact Kontron.


The Windows® Embedded Trainings

The Windows® workshop provides a solid basis for the use of the Microsoft's embedded operating system on Kontron boards. Hands-on use of the development environment and understanding the building process are the primary objects of this training. This will allow attendees to build a bootable WEC7/WES7 systems. The workshop is mainly addressed to software engineers. Programming experience with the Windows operating system is required.

During the seminar, some Windows® images will be built for a Kontron board and the use of all tools will be demonstrated. The training is tightly packed and focuses on the underlying technical processes instead of merely covering the superficial drag and drop/push button approach.

For further information and registration please visit: http://www.kontron.com/academy

Contact our sales team to learn more about this product family and about product customization by contacting us at:

Kontron America Sales
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Email: sales@us.kontron.com

Contact our support team for any technical inquiries by contacting us at:

Kontron America Support
Phone: 800-480-0044
Email: support@us.kontron.com

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