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Added value at all levels

Combining longstanding hardware and software expertise under one roof, Kontron is your one-stop-shop for the realization of your application-ready platforms. For all products, Kontron provides the same proven software test and validation processes over multiple projects, operating systems and teams. Thus, our customers profit from standardized hardware and software services from one source, as well as, reduced operational costs. We enable our customers not only to simplify their processes, but to focus their in-house R&D teams on differentiating technology. For this reason, you will have more internal resources available for innovation, shorten release cycles for new products, speed up your access to market leading technology – overall, increasing your customer’s satisfaction. In addition to innovative software solutions, Kontron will also provide you with proactive life-cycle support, including updates on the hardware and software level.

Build-on excellent software services

While continuing to offer local software support, the Kontron Global Software Design Center is the company’s central service point for handling the increasingly complex software functionalities of customers’ embedded computing solutions:


Board Support Packages

  • BSPs for Windows® CE/WEC 7, Windows® XP
  • Embedded/WES 7, Windows® 7 embedded
  • Validated BSPs for VxWorks, Linux
  • others on request (like QNX, Android, …) 

Framework and Library Downloads

  • Toolkit and unique API for all COMs (EAPI)
  • Access hardware, BIOS, OS settings
  • Shell commands
  • Reference applications as programming guide

BIOS Adaption

  • CMOS settings (Customer pre-settings, JILI configuration)
  • Security functionality (boot from specific device)
  • Boot logo customization

Display Adaption

  • Customization of JILI or DisplayID files
  • IEGD driver adaption (Windows® and Linux)

Driver Adaption

  • Driver development for Linux, Windows® and VxWorks
  • Listed Linux kernel developers

Virtualization / Hypervisor Implementation

  • Real-Time OS on one single platform 
  • Safely partitioned and deployed with multiple operating systems


All Kontron standard products are supported and validated with:

Board Support Packages for all important Operating Systems like Windows 7, Linux, VxWorks including all drivers and support of all hardware features
Hypervisor/Virtualization, validated with different Operating Systems (if Hyper-Threading and / or Multi-core is supported by the CPU)
Software tool chain including common, standardized Embedded API (EAPI)

Your benefits at a glance:

Considerably reduced time-to-market due to out-of-the-box HW/SW solutions
Faster access to market-leading innovation building blocks („Build vs. Buy“)
Reduced total-cost-of-ownership
More resources (time and people) available for differentiation and innovation on the application level (customer-facing value)


Contact our sales team to learn more about this product family and about product customization by contacting us at:

Kontron America Sales
Phone: 888-294-4558
Email: sales@us.kontron.com

Contact our support team for any technical inquiries by contacting us at:

Kontron America Support
Phone: 800-480-0044
Email: support@us.kontron.com

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