Modular Board Assembly

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Simple to integrate, easy to customize

Whether in the design phase or moving into production, Kontron has the level of integration you need. Our modular assembly products are ready to install in your lab bench fixture for quick evaluation right out of the box. Simplify production by calling out the Kontron product as a single component in the bill of materials for your finished design.

Getting your full core solution (COM/SBC/Motherboard, cooling solution, qualified memory, etc.) from a single vendor makes that possible and ensures that the system functionality is optimized for your application. Kontron also can include your custom carrier board design as part of the complete assembly. Kontron pre-assembled solutions help you find the best form-fit-function for your application so it can be brought to market quickly.


Pre-assembled Computer-on-Modules, Single Board Computers, Motherboards

Scalable by:

CPU / Chipset
Form Factor
Cooling solution

For details on the COMs and SBCs offered as pre-assembled solutions, select from the links below:



Single Board Computers

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